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Phoenix sports news this weekend, the Premier League will usher in a heavyweight contest, ranking second Manchester City vs. Chelsea third in the pre-match press conference, Mancini believes this is a decision of the season a duel, but he also criticized the slump of the season two will Nasri and Joe - Hart, in the summer signings, Mancini said the Manchester City striker three favorite candidate is Cavani, Suarez and law Falcao, Neymar genius and for Brazil, Mancini thought he went to Real Madrid or Barcelona is more appropriate. In the Premier League standings, behind Manchester United 12 points more, leading behind Chelsea only four points, so with the Blues significance of this race, but coach Roberto Mancini said: 'If we can not beat Chelsea, Well ahead of the end of the season will be, because I think Manchester United will easily beat Queens Park Rangers. 'Mancini's words very pertinent, after all, if Manchester United win, while Manchester City can not beat Chelsea, then the Blue Moon 14 points behind rivals or 15 points, the league championship will be no suspense. Speaking to play this season, Mancini openly expressed dissatisfaction Nasri and Hart, especially for the former, 'I think Samir who has a unique quality, every game he played very well should He is the best FIFA 16 player in Europe, but in fact he did not do it, sometimes a FIFA 16 player thinks in the past to play good enough, but does not know every day they should be improved, if you are a top FIFA 16 player, retired before You can not slack off, Nasri is a top FIFA 16 player, but his level did not fully play out. 'criticism over Nasri, Man handsome turn the incumbent moved to the Hart who, many a mistake England goalkeeper this season Mancini also disgruntled, he cautioned Hart: 'First of all, I very much trust Joe - Hart, when no one trusted him, I gave him a chance, had no one thought he would beat Shay, after who was the  fut 16 coins best goalkeeper in Europe, and I am more optimistic Hart, put him in the starting position of the ultimate team, but he was on the bench because of a previous error, which makes the ultimate team lose, he should Stay focused degree, if it continues to commit similar mistakes, I put him on the bench press. 'In the existing FIFA 16 players to express their dissatisfaction at the same time, Mancini has changed the subject mentioned in the summer signings, the current Manchester City striker Only Sergio Aguero, Carlos Tevez, Dzeko trio, line a bit thin, in this case, reinforcing strike imperative, handsome Man revealed his favorite three strikers, including Falcao Suarez and Cavani, from the three point of view, the more discouraged Mancini Cavani, 'I really like him, but the whole world is concerned about him, they are very great FIFA 16 players, let's look see what happens. 'For the Brazilian star Neymar attribution, Mancini also gives his own answer,' Neymar is a good FIFA 16 player, he is very young, but I do not think he would choose England because each Local FIFA 16 football is different, I think he will go to Real Madrid or Barcelona, these ultimate teams pay more attention to technology. Cavani and Falcao for the Premier League, they have the experience, the two FIFA 16 players, but also 26 and 27 years old, they are completely can be competent in English FIFA 16 football. '(Henry 14)


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