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Manchester United from beautiful
« on: February 10, 2015, 07:39:25 PM »

Manchester United from beautiful lady became an ugly girl? This season of Premier League has fighting has 24 round, each support Harbor ambitions of Club were are began has last of Sprint, in race Crown Group, undoubtedly is Chelsea and Manchester City two strong two nike free 3.0     Dragons frolicking with a, compared with more complex of undoubtedly is "race four group" has, except currently in premier points list Shang temporarily 3rd and 4th name of United, and Southampton zhiwai, 5th name of Tottenham, and 6th name of arsenal, even is 7th name of Liverpool, also are has may eventually Range Rover have a Champions League of seats and owned. Reds Corps led by new coach Louis van Gaal, with 44 points so far this season into the top four, although only 5th place in the Spurs ' 1-point lead, and could well be in the top four position "precarious", but United's current position is beautiful, is reached before the season's "four" goals. In fact, it is not difficult to find, indeed van Gaal led the score and David Moyes, can only be described as "Dora", aura head Marshal of the Netherlands master, in fact

 was able to be lashing out at David Moyes "virtues". Perhaps he only than not that sort of advantage, is that life is too hard!In the case of get the same score, why the throne of Louis van Gaal is still able to occupy the first four, last season Moyes was left to the middle area? Is apparently, we only with competition opponents of "not to force" to described, Shang season as "Hou Ferguson era" of first year, face Premier of new pattern, each road despotic are wants to in gone in the strove for a put, at on even Moyes of old Club Everton are is gearing up, ranking suppressed with United; and this season experience has again of shuffle zhihou, strength Zhijian has distinct, Premier of second group is nothing more than is arsenal, and United, and Tottenham and Liverpool four support team, again plus spoiler who Coleman led of Southampton. Van Gaal is meritorious? Van Gaal is meritorious? nike free 4.0       Back on the topic of Louis van Gaal, then Louis van Gaal will really be equated and Moyes, please? Brought in after van Gaal last summer, United executives gave him sufficient confidence, to spend up to $ 152 million pounds, Rojo was bought, and Blinder, Luke Shaw, Herrera, Falco, di Maria, et strong security assistance, the overall strength of a great step ahead of Manchester United, or lifting up a notch. In retrospect, with Moyes and how a treatment? Nothing in the final seconds before the transfer window closes, for 27.5 million pounds bought a marouane Fellaini, its cost, only van Gaal 18%, less 20%! Thus, on the network there is a saying that goes: van Gaal +1.5.2 billion = Moyes. Lost Rooney out Rooney once said of Rooney's problem, Louis van Gaal one of Rooney's location to retreat, had sparked the legend of vessels, Netherlands who moved in the captain of the Manchester United midfield position

 be sure to give the Manchester United midfielder has improved some organizational skills, but these are at the expense of their offensive force on the basis of! You know, Manchester United midfielder position in organizations are not without talent, to 28.4 million pounds invested in the introduction of Spain midfielder Herrera, but was dead by Louis van Gaal hanging on the bench, even the sky-high mark Wang, di Maria, was Louis van Gaal from familiar wing position, move to the midfield playmaker position, this is why? Players have played at odds, fans looked awkward, van Gaal is awkward. Rooney's talents are wasted on offense, it also is able to use data to prove it. To 2015, the Wayne Rooney for Manchester United played a total of 450 minutes of games (5Field), Rooney has not one shot is hit the woodwork within, now, he alone shot away from the goal goal is one real shot to difficult, and such data, even the midfield players are far better than nothing. Now Manchester United seem to have forgotten one, short penetration team instinct, under Louis van Gaal, they can only rely on the long ball to hit each other's defense, in the long ball record in League statistics, number of long balls behind the promoted sides Manchester United Burnley, ranked second in the Premier League! While with Manchester United, along with Queen's Park, West Bromwich Albion and Leicester City et relegation teams, teams in the gradual loss of instinct, perhaps the Reds ' most feared, say colloquially, Manchester United has moved from beautiful ugly girl ... ...


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