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Made 20 of 23 field goals! 1th across Europe!
« on: December 23, 2014, 01:26:12 AM »

Made 20 of 23 field goals! 1th across Europe! Chelsea's quadruple dream with him.P (11). After this game once again assists, Fabregas will own the League assists increased to 12 times, look to Europe's five major leagues assists, Fabregas was also ranked in first place. You know, assists in the Premier League last season, Gerrard, who also had 13 assists but just the whole season. Less than halfway in the League today,cheap adidas d rose 3.5         Fabregas is close to catching up with Steven Gerrard. Throughout the Premier League single season with more assists than any other player is Henry, who legend had dished out 20 assists last season. But according to now assist estimating the efficiency of small law, cheap air jordan 14 retro     he will be able to send out more than 27 assists of the season, Chelsea's new very promising record set rewriting Henry.

Also worth mentioning is that CESC Fabregas also in the Champions League this season has contributed 3 assists in 6 games, the League Cup has also contributed 1 assists in all competitions total 23 dished out 16 assists. Plus the season scoring 4 goals, Fabregas who made 20 of 23 field goal, the midfielder of the highest in Europe at the same time, people have praised their outstanding performance. nike kd 5 elite for sale    Can be said to simply help teams capable of scoring, look to Europe-wide midfielder CESC Fabregas is resigned to a second, then I'm afraid that no one dares to stand up and act to compete. After the game, the media praised the performance of Fabregas. The goal nets highest Sub 9Assigned to Fabregas, the media evaluation: "superb corner kick and smack with Terry opened the scoring for the team, then again with a wonderful goal scored the air jordan 5 retro cheap   second goal for the Club. CESC Fabregas Chelsea undoubtedly offensive hub, is also the footwork as computer-like precision of a master player. "Indeed, as the evaluation of the goal NET, Fabregas has now become an integral part of Chelsea midfield General, because of his presence, the Blues will be able to play beautiful football, and the team also has been flawless in midfield. Mourinho said: "we have introduced some of the key players of the season

 we believe has been promoted to team up another notch, and Yes, we are a championship contender. "You know last season but Mourinho described Chelsea as foal, he thinks the Blues don't have the strength of the Crown. This season, the cautious Mourinho profile shout out slogans. There is no doubt that Fabregas is a Mourinho one of the most important energy source. He joined Chelsea have the Lord of the air. Liverpool Vice-Captain Jamie Carragher has said before: "method to make a difference in Chelsea in the Premier League title race, Chelsea is expected to win the title this season. "Now this Chelsea, people are less satisfied with what she had just won the Premier League title, so does CESC. He said recently: "I really enjoyed playing at Chelsea and we have a strong air jordan 11 retro for sale  squad and we want to win all the trophies (UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, League Cup and FA Cup), and we can get better. "Chelsea have now began to lash at the tournament, while CESC Fabregas will be one of Blues ' most important means relying on. Of course, master players like him, also worthy of any Giants to rely on.


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