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Lionel Messi with Enrique quarrel erupted after the game:
« on: January 05, 2015, 11:39:05 PM »

Lionel Messi with Enrique quarrel erupted after the game: to change the Manager's time. Macy's outburst! Spain Palm radio "game time" show host lalaniyajia disclosed, after Barcelona lost to Real Sociedad, Messi Thunder Fury erupted, he thought he had been unable to change the team's situation, victoria secret outlet   the team had time to change, Argentina star of Barcelona's top executives in the wake of defeat have always expressed support for Enrique's approach is also quite dissatisfied. 2015 first match of La Liga, Barcelona lost to Real Sociedad on the road, this Macy's were seated bench. The Argentina star will not miss the game, Guardiola era, Lionel Messi on the bench and Guardiola have been contradictory. Messi is not willing to break, Guardiola did not dare stop, only let him continue on debut. "Messi is not playing, can only be decided by himself. "Guardiola said. Marca revealed details, 2011-12 season away match against Real Sociedad, Kuala diaolarangmeixi bench, 60 minutes before Lionel Messi debut

 leaving Macy's very unhappy about it, the second day of training, Messi did not participate in the team's first practice, but went to the gym, this is a silent protest, and there have been similar acts. While Guardiola, how to keep Messi happy, are the most important. In April 2009, 23Today, Lionel Messi with a cavity fury left the Nou Camp Stadium. During that week, Messi just representative of Argentina national team played two matches, has also experienced the fatigue of the long flight, Guardiola decided the match in Seville will be Lionel Messi on the bench, Club officials said: "he just came back from international duty, and stomach discomfort, so Guardiola put him on the bench. "Guardiola always want as much as possible to give Messi a rest time, Macy's don't like to rest, however, nobody noticed, Messi was already seething with anger, and the next day he was training. Clubs think he's got a cold, might encounter any unexpected events. Until the next day, the coaching staff and the club know Messi missed training was the real reason, is his coach without consulting his views put him on the bench in the discontent. Sports of the world, it was reported, this time returning from the holidays, Enrique and Lionel Messi also had a conflict. After Lionel Messi back in training, Enrique Argentina superstar requires particularly rigorous, exceeding the requirement for other players. It is reported that Enrique found Messi in training pace much worse than others, and he even has an incorrect behavior. In a fight within the team, Messi and even got angry at Enrique. When Enrique was match referee, meted out by the other players accept Enrique, Enrique loudly but Messi was fined several times in protest. Enrique personality strong, never back down, so the two men broke a bitter quarrel.The match against Real Sociedad, Messi was on the bench, after the game, he expressed great dissatisfaction with the Enrique.

In Bay radio saying that Messi think Enrique is the blame for the team's poor performance, Enrique is always arbitrary, thinks he is the King of the locker room. In addition, Massey also dissatisfaction with the Club, every time the team after losing the top will express support for Enrique. But it seems to Macy's, Enrique has been unable to reverse the team's situation, team coaching change is imperative. Catalan media that Macy's temper tantrums are enough is enough, he will never make it big, teammates like him, goals, used some of his weird behavior. Lionel Messi on the pitch appears more and more talented, team-mates also accepted some of his unpredictable temper, talent, after all, is unique. Besides, Messi is a team player on the pitch, he will dedicate himself to the team as a whole, many Giants players, Messi is relatively selfish one. Lessons Guardiola, Messi resting in arrangement of issues, he became very cautious, he also knows better than anyone, how to take control of Macy's emotions, Massey also gave Guardiola a successful, but he apparently did not use Lionel Messi, Argentina's discontent is likely to become his fuse class. Polls have show very clearly, if you choose between Messi and Enrique, then most fans will choose to Macy's.


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