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Liga 2-1-j Luo Hesai scored 2 injury Real
« on: February 05, 2015, 07:13:38 PM »

Liga 2-1-j Luo Hesai scored 2 injury Real Madrid edged 4 points lead,Two thousand fourteen-fifteenths season Spain Soccer League 16th round game matches at the  nike free run 2      Santiago Bernabeu Stadium by edging Real Madrid 2:1 home win over Sevilla, j-Lo and Hermann Hesse has scored Aspas pulled one back. Ramos and j-Lo to injury. 4 points lead after Real Madrid League 5-game winning streak. This game for Real Madrid in the World Club Cup match postponed until today. Confrontation both sides almost 18 League no draw nearly 5 League home game against Sevilla made real Madrid victory. Both League and 140 games, drove, 73-26-41 Real Madrid have the upper hand, with 51 WINS, 11 draws and 8 defeats at home. C-Ronaldo is still suspended for absence, Sami Khedira and aweiluoya rotation stage. Real Madrid lost the last 36 seconds of a match ball, 2nd minute of this game also nearly lost

Yi Bo direct, Vitolo run into the area right of the single shot was saved by Casillas and fabulous. 9 minute but real Madrid are still suffering, injured Nacho Ramos replaced. Real Madrid took the lead 12 minutes, Marcelo cross from the left, offside Hames Rodriguez small edge diving header into the net. Sevilla almost equalised after 6 minutes, Vitolo direct, Igbo pull box on the upper left corner past Iker Casillas free shot hit the near post after post rebound. Open the game, keluojieyi Chuck alone received corner kick header off the near post. nike free run 3    Sami Khedira blasting cleaning outside the restricted area arc column on the right side. Vitolo blasting within the edge of the area was saved by Iker Casillas. Hames-injury can't keep Rodriguez walked back to the locker room, Jesse rush came off the bench. 30thMinutes, hitting his knee qiangdian, Beto benzemaxiao the penalty area head, a latter flop. Emergency treatment and doctor 5 minutes later, Sevilla goalkeeper being stretchered off. Real Madrid 36 minutes to widen and Karim Benzema crosses on the right side of the area, ISCO road failed to stop the ball, but after the 10-yard volley into the net, 2-0. 2 minutes later, Bell direct, aweiluoya right-hand side to cross and Benzema 10 yards for the first time to push, but clean the column on the right side. Aweiluoya the edge of the box in the top by elbowing Baka, but he was lucky to get away with it. Half time Bell ball, Sami Khedira small angle shot on the right side of the area was saved by Nico. The second half, cut Bell's shot was blocked on the right side of the area to block [click here to watch video]. Hermann Hesse into the left side of the penalty area after crossing the line a small angle shot near post column popup again. Bell's right flank direct free kick 25 yards a shot bouncing off the far post. On 55 minutes

 Jesse Ball, ISCO protrudes 12-yard shot was saved by substitute goalkeeper Nico fabulous. Sevilla also missed opportunities, Navarro's cross, but Igbo close but misses the ball. Marcelo on penalty yellow card Vitolo foul, he accumulated yellow card suspensions, missed the next game against Atletico Madrid. 25-yard free kick cross first shot off the near post. 80th minute pulled one of Seville city, Vitolo protruding into the left side of the box near the bottom line return, Iker Casillas before the interception point failed, fire at an empty net unguarded Aspas 5 yards into the net, 1-2. Iker Casillas to his teammates howled disapproval. The last 10Minutes and frequently washed with high balls suspended Real Madrid Sevilla penalty area, ISCO Illarramendi substituted defense. Final Real Madrid to make it 5 in a row and continues to lead by 4 points advantage. Royal Madrid appearances lineup (4-3-3): 1-Casillas; 17-aweiluoya, 2-mavalane, 4-Ramos (9',18-Nacho), 12-Marcelo; 6-Sami Khedira, 8-grams Luo Republika, 23-ISCO (90',24-Illarramendi); 10-Hames-Rodriguez (27',20-Hermann Hesse), 9-Benzema, 11-Bell Sevilla appearances lineup (4-3-3): 13-Beto (35',29-Nico) ; 5-Figueras, 8-Carico, 15-keluojieyi Chuck, 3-Navarro; 12-Iborra, 4-keliqiaoweiyake, 25-Sambia; 18-de wuluofeiwu (54',22-in), 9-Baka (67',14-Aspas), 20-Vitolo


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