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Li Ning will overtake opponents in order to win back
« on: April 02, 2015, 08:40:40 PM »
B: bold trial-and-errorA bold trial and error and to seize the opportunities and make strategic adjustments where there are similar, they are in contempt of the solemnity of the strategy to a certain extent. If seizing the opportunity was a speculative behavior, then bold trial and error is a random strong,  V air jordan 11 for cheap  irresponsible gambler mentality on enterprise development. In such competitive commercial society, your competitors might have presided (Baba stores) to waiting for you to make a mistake, because your mistake was their chance.

High cost of trial-and-error, the strategic adjustment of enterprises should be treated with caution, should be treading on thin ice, thoughtful, and does not give opponents the opportunity to find flaws. Still the case of Li Ning. To revitalize the brand Li-Ning has made a bold decision: by raising prices to close the gap between distance from international sports brands. In 2010, announced Li Ning  air jordan 4 retro womens cheap   won three separate serial prices for footwear and clothing products ranging from 7%-17.9%. However, the Li-Ning brand customer base is still mainly focused on two or three lines of the city, Li Ning original price/performance advantages of continuous

price rises without, was quite price-sensitive consumers to turn to ANTA (ANTA stores), high peak performance sports brand. The direct result is, starting from 2011, Li Ning company took the lead in the performance drop in other companies, top left; only 20,111, Li Ning company has invested 300 million Yuan to reclaim about stocks.Li-Ning is the industry's leading brands, in some ways plays a trial-and-error and Pathfinder, or to allow latecomers to avoid similar errors. But gradually lost as a pillar of the business middle-level customer, after losing two or three of the major cities of consumers, Li Ning will overtake opponents in order to win back domestic sportswear market leader position, it is still unknown.


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