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Li Cheng UK media woman of the year people
« on: December 23, 2014, 01:06:40 AM »

Li Cheng UK media woman of the year people are determined to develop better players,United Kingdom financial times recently named the 2014 annual female figures of China's Li Na retired list. Comment interviews compiled is as follows: for Chinese tennis player Li Na, and is undoubtedly  cheap nike air max wright      wonderful start to the year. In January, she won the Australian Open and rose to a career-high second in the world ranking. Celebrate this important victory, her humorous as always, thanks her agent-"(he) makes me more"-then he teases her husband: "he's in charge of my drink, my racket ...  cheap nike air max tn for sale      ... Thanks a lot, you're a good man, but you are lucky can find me. "China is also felt lucky. In 2011, when she won the French Open title, she became a national hero, thanks to his dominance on the field and a distinct personality won the hearts of fans. But in September, it all ended. Unable to fully recover from knee surgery

she reluctantly retire. She announced her decision on the social media: "my body has told me that age of 32, I, never competed in the highest level in the industry. "Li Na with potential strong heavy hitting the bottom line – especially forehand – known for it so that she can stand out more buy nike air max r4     power tennis competition. Email told the financial times in an interview, she said the injury will only make them more proud of the achievements. "I'm proud that I was able to overcome so many obstacles, including my knee injury. It was not clear when you're injured, how hard it is to maintain the top level of play. I am proud of my own will to fight. ”But what she liked and respected is her personality. As early as the early stages of his career, her nonconformist has emerged. Jiangshan-now with her mixed doubles partner was her husband-puppy love, was opposed. Then she suddenly announced his retirement, was going to College to major in journalism for two years, then was persuaded to return. She excelled on the field makes her motherland lifted the tennis boom. Now she is cheap nike blazers ireland    planning to set up his own Tennis Academy. "Is established in my tennis Academy is still in an early stage. "She represents a goal is not just to set up a school to train players," but to help people plan professional tennis road. I would like my 15-year career taught them everything I learned. "In 2008, Li Na and some of the other guys out of the national system, began to fly alone. Today, Li admitted his tennis career because it benefited from two different systems. This will also affect the way she teaches training for young players in the future. "Nationwide system makes me very benefit is:

 Let me play good tennis Foundation, the Church I had the best work ethic, hone my perseverance. And working with some of the top coaches in the West let me raise our standard to another level, so this combination is the key, in my school, I will be dedicated to these situations and experiences. "Li's career has often been defined as a Chinese-style bear conflict between conservative and individuality of the younger generation – cheap nike air structure triax 91    the rose tattoo on her chest is evidence of once she deliberately hid the rose, but in the end no longer veiled. She has 23 million fans on Twitter, "I enjoy interacting with my fans through social media. "She said.But Li patriotism is beyond doubt. "Every time I step on the Court, my name and the Chinese side by side, I am very proud of it. When I wandering the world, heard the fans cheering for me, this feeling is unparalleled--that's what I miss. It's hard to explain this feeling, but my heart is full of joy. "Li Na retired is still personalized, especially when it comes to technical issues. When asked whether school would push the Super spin, as well as the popular "great Western" forehand grip when Li Na says absolutely not recommended in a certain way. "Tennis and best of all is that personalization. For each player, we need to find ways that work best for them, and help them develop their own style. I am confident, will be China's next generation of players better than our generation. ”


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