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-Lei Michuan 3-0 shot William scored Chelsea
« on: January 04, 2015, 07:57:01 PM »

-Lei Michuan 3-0 shot William scored Chelsea in the FA Cup victory over promotion. (United Kingdom local 4th 16:00), two thousand fourteen-fifteenths season, the FA Cup victoria secret swimwear nz  3rd round on a clash at Stamford Bridge stadium by edging Chelsea 3:0 home win over Watford, William to break the deadlock, Lei Michuan shoot more, Mr Zuma's icing on the cake. Chelsea against Watford 6-7 WINS, 1 draw, Waterford last won Chelsea in 1999, but the win over Chelsea back to 1986. Both FA Cup 6 times, drove Chelsea achieved 4 WINS, 1 draw 1 defeat, only defeat was in 1987. Petr Cech, Zuma, and Felipe, and Ramirez, John Obi Mikel, Remy, and Xu Erlei and Drogba rotation stage. After Chelsea's opening take hold, but Xu Erlei and Oscar's perimeter shooting is blocked, Cahill shot just over in the corner kick melee. But Chelsea were the lack of coherence, face Mourinho more than once, on the sidelines of the unhappy stand up. Waterford number of perimeter shots did not pose a real threat to Cech. On 29 minutes, Drogba's right side of the box header was saved by bond. The first 43 minutes, Cahill again threatened in the corners, but he is at the right side of the box header off the near post. Substitute Diego Costa and Williams in the second half.

Dini, the edge of the box shoots emerging from John Obi Mikel, Felipe slightly deflected ball hit out of the far corner. Then Drogba's angled shot was blocked by bond with the legs. Chelsea on 58 minutes to break the deadlock, Diego Costa, breaking to the left is blocked, Remy passes, William outside the restricted area arc into the right corner. On 70 minutes for Chelsea to widen, Drogba has been knocked back, Diego Costa, the right-hand side to bounce on the crossbar and Cathcart, Remi 12-yard volley into the net, 2-0。 Chelsea's 72nd minute clinching Azpilicueta cross from the right

Mr Zuma's 10-yard header 3-0. This is his 2nd goal of the season, appear in the cups. Watford has not yet given up efforts to substitute Vader pull their shot was saved by Cech. Substituted partner Didier Drogba and John Obi Mikel back waist ake. On 85 minutes, Diego Costa free kick shoot, bond saved the ball to hit column pops up. Chelsea's lineup (4-2-3-1): 1-Petr Cech; 28-Azpilicueta, 24-Tim Cahill, 5-Jacob Zuma, 3-Felipe; 7-Ramirez, 12-John Obi Mikel, 18-Rémy, 8-Oscar (46',19-Diego Costa), 14-Xu Erlei (46',22-Williams), 11-Didier Drogba (80',6-acre)


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