Author Topic: KD Thunder hope new signing James Harden second:  (Read 648 times)

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KD Thunder hope new signing James Harden second:
« on: January 07, 2015, 12:34:39 AM »

KD Thunder hope new signing James Harden second: he will be on the bench Organizer. According to Yahoo Sports reported, Thunder, Knight, and the Knicks three teams completed a deal, Thunder will get the Cavaliers shooting guard off the bench duhem-Vettese. Small Wade joined  zara ankle boots uk      Oklahoma City star Kevin Durant headed have a very high expectation, who hopes to play in the Thunder Vettese former sixth man James Harden's character. Before becoming a cornerstone of rockets, harden not only is one of the core of Oklahoma City, as well as one of the League's most dangerous bench scorer. In 2011-12, the sixth man is averaging 16.8 points. But in October 2012, Thunder will harden was traded to the rockets. Since then, the Thunder tried to convince Reggie Jackson, Kevin Martin and lamb to play the role of predicting the kind of bench scorer, but did not have the same effect. Today, the expectation and the pressure falls on the shoulders of Vettese. In Oklahoma City, Durant

 however, believe Vettese can play the role of James harden. "I'm not saying he can harden's replacement, because we have to let go. "Freddy Adu said," but he (Vettese) can play, he can be used as a bench player to help us score and play. He is a very good player, but I think a lot of people don't take him zara high heels uk    too seriously. You have heard about his story is not correct. But can he play, where he can be himself, that is to stay aggressive and put pressure on the defense. "The first two season with the Cavaliers, Vettese averaged 14.7 points and 15 respectively.9. Last summer, as the Knights form a big three, Vettese career scoring average dropped to a minimum of 10.5 points. "He is a tough guy. "Durant said of Vettese," I know a lot of players like he comes from South Philadelphia, they are very strong. Dieng joined

 I am very excited, I can't wait and hope that he join. "Durant also revealed that he planned to get in touch with Vettese shortly. "We will make him feel that he is needed here. "He said," I don't know if he feel this way over the years. But we wanted him to come here. "Former Cavaliers coach Mike Brown had coached Vettese for a season, he believes that a change is good for Vettese. "He looked IKE Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Oklahoma City wanted him, and is very hard to fight for him. "Brown says," Although his Knight accepted the role as a walk-on, but he is still eager to start. In Oklahoma City, he is also keen to start, but where he would accept a substitute's role, because the players win, Club culture and environment. ”


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