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Joachim Loew: James was a great leader
« on: February 10, 2015, 07:25:54 PM »

Joachim Loew: James was a great leader no problem between us,Knight day in Cleveland Stadium for a workout routine. Joachim low interviewed after the team meeting. James said before his Twitter "don't try to find a way not into (fit out) trying to fit (fit in)",  converse pro star      "team player is a lubricant" not exclusively, such as anyone. Loew also had to respond today. Media will consider this matter and Joachim Loew on, because early season hiccups once used these two words to describe his team's problem of adaptation. When asked about things, Loew said, "when I heard about it when I was shocked the way unprepared, everyday and LeBron (James) talk, there is no problem between us. I really think if he's right, I have a problem, or to coach or trainer who has questions, he will apply them. I'm confused, but I just want to help the team. "Loew is also slightly expressed dissatisfaction with the media," I know you need news, is the 24-hour news. "Loew denied that the team had" internal strife "and" there is no problem between us, I would say. "Was asked whether James and clarify the matter

Loew replied," I don't think it's necessary, I was a little confused at first, but we all train together, constantly striving to get better. I just want to help this team. "As to whether this article was alluding to his own Twitter, Loew said," I don't know, but I really think if LeBron wanted to talk to me, whether it was good or bad, he will direct me. ”Loew thinks chemistry is no problem, "we like to be with you, womens converse all star     and we know what we can do on the pitch, what ought to be done, we have a common goal. This is why we join with each other. "Was asked whether James is a good leader, Joachim Loew behind said," he is a great leader, and he has done in this League for so many years, entered the finals for so many times in the playoffs, these experiences are valuable. "Catch Zhan Huang contract margin helped him get a contract.According to the Cleveland Knights team honest journalist Joe Vardon revelations, LeBron James and Cleveland in the contract contains an additional salary terms, this provision will help him in the future to renew get a bigger contract. According to the Vardon report, James and Cleveland last summer signed 2 year, $ 42.2 million contract, which includes a trade kicker

 can be understood as the trading margin, meaning that if the Cavaliers traded him, he got new owners extra pay of the remaining contract amount of 15%. However, according to the NBA collective bargaining agreement, this clause cannot be used with maximum contract, in other words, currently holding a maximum contract of James, even after being traded, can't get the extra 15%, then why does he want this provision? NBA just signed a new lucrative television contract, the annual income is nearly three times times, by 2016 at the commencement of summer, NBA revenues and Player salaries will increase, it is also an important reason why LeBron James signed a short contract, then went on to a bigger contract. And took down the trading margin terms will help James to renew to gain an advantage, after all, he can't keep handstand salary, especially when CA renewal. "This is why James's manager Rick Paul last summer, pushed for the provision of reasons when signing up, as he signed multi-year contracts have important consequences in the future," Vardon said. James signed a two-year contract with Knight, and every year a player option, that is, as long as he wants, he can opt out of his contract this summer. But James has repeatedly said that he plans to finish my career in Cleveland.


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