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James Harden: the three-point contest makes me nervous
« on: February 06, 2015, 07:19:10 PM »

James Harden: the three-point contest makes me nervous one of the strongest lineup ever. According to a report in the Houston Chronicle in 2015, has officially announced the list of NBA all-star three-point shooting contest, as one of the contestants, James Harden, converse pro star       knowing that this competition is so intense. In addition to harden, in addition to other players who participate in this three-point contest are: Warriors of curry and Kyle Korver of the Thompson, Owen, Knight, hawks, Clippers beilineili Redick, spurs and blazers Mathews. "This is a pure shooter in three-point shooting contest. "Harden says," real pure shooter. They make me nervous that the tournament is highly competitive. "This season, harden demonstrated an MVP level of style, and became the Western player of the month in the past two months. So far this season, he is averaging 27 points, temporarily alliances first. Shot 38.7%, the highest since joining the rockets. Last 10 games, predicting three-point shooting 47%. In addition, he hits threes per game and ranked fifth in the League. Growing up, Haddon has always been concerned about each year's NBA All-Star game, including a three-point shooting contest. In his view, the lineup certainly is one of the best three-point shooting contest this year. "This is one of the best I've ever seen Paul Tergat.

Craig, Stephen, and Wesley Matthews, and Kyle Korver, and Redick-and so many pitchers that has a high standard, it will be very interesting. "He said. Haddon says he knows winning three-pointer contest of "keys", and he wanted to have it in the race. "I had to make it hot to touch. "He said," womens converse all star     who feels the heat, who will be able to win. This is a great Paul Tergat, they're all great pitchers, so I had to hit the shots. "Durant today pelicans for the playoffs really comeback fight,According to the ESPN report, the Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant [Twitter] participated in the shootaround today, he said he planned to play today's game with the New Orleans pelicans. "The last four or five days I got some rest, I can play the game," Durant said. Two weeks ago, Durant and Knight sprained his big toe in the fourth quarter of the game, missed four games in the last 5 games. In the game with the Grizzlies, he returned, but were not good.

Earlier against Orlando and Pelican's game, Durant stood by, but the Thunder to victory. Durant were battered by injuries this season, he has learned to be patient: "I feel much better now, because I missed a lot of games with injuries this season, before so I was a bit rushed. This is part of the game and understand their own physical condition, choosing the right moment to return. "In the first 7 seasons of his career, Durant's only missed 16 games, and he has been missing 27 games this season. Thunder is currently 25 WINS and 24 losses provisional tenth in the West, today's opponent Pelican is the main rival of their playoff.


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