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Italian Super Cup – Tevez, higuain 2 Juventus
« on: December 23, 2014, 01:42:30 AM »

Italian Super Cup – Tevez, higuain 2 Juventus 9 rounds of penalty kicks the ball.27th Italy Super Cup battle in Doha, 2:2 draw with Napoli Juventus extra time and penalties 5:6 rematch, Napoli win 2nd. Carlos Tevez has sound, Marek hamsik and Gonzalo higuain in the column. Gonzalo higuain equalised. nike roshe run dam        Overtime, Carlos Tevez and Gonzalo higuain each scored a goal. 9 rounds of the penalties, Gianluigi Buffon saving 3 penalties, but still could not stop the opponent wins. Italy Super Cup is usually held before the season, but this season was postponed to December. Juve's record 10th, nike air presto sverige     if 3 consecutive championships, more than AC Milan, creating new record of 7 times. Allegri discharged the whole lineup. Naples 2 Super Cup against Juventus in 1990, Maradona's team win 5:1 win 2012 OT 2:4 in Beijing. Signet sidelined

 de Guzman the Maertens appearances. Jorginho bench, composed of Gargano and David Lopez double-back. Opening 4 minutes, Naples ahead of sent Shang Christmas gift, Albiol and Coulibaly Hou field header rescue mutual interference, which will ball top to special dimension Republika feet, special dimension Republika pole protruding into the area right from door 12 meters at push from Raphael crotch Xia network, nike free run dam     1:0, Juventus first shot on made leading, special dimension Republika continuous 2 session Italy Super Cup scored, representative Juventus 70 field official game 35th ball, and effectiveness United and Manchester City Qian 70 field scored respectively is 26 ball and 48 ball. 16 minute almost equalled in Naples, macho right diagonal, Giorgio Chiellini headed away from not far from Marek hamsik left-foot volley from 16 meters on the right side hit the near post! 22ndMinutes, Andrea Pirlo long ball in midfield, Llorente inside the area heading back to point, Tevez volley their shot by Rafael at 16 meters in front. 1 minute later, Tevez's box top left-footed a low shot right post by Raphael. nike free run 2 herr   The first 25 minutes, and Marek hamsik edge to push out of the area. Lixishitaina right thigh muscle injury, returned to the field after receiving treatment. On 33 minutes, Pirlo in front 22-meter volley by Raphael got. The 35 minute, higuain the edge of the area after cleverly turned fool bonucci hit high. On 38 minutes, lixishitaina midfield cutting inside in conjunction with Bidal kick wall in front 10-meter angled shot was saved by Raphael. On 42 minutes and higuain left the edge of the area a curveball is bufengheng out! 9 minutes in the second half, hamsik direct rip of Defense

 Callejon pole away from the door on the right side of the area 12 m push slide out far! 60 minute, Marek hamsik diagonal left side of the penalty area, higuain in front of 5 meters hanging outside of his angled volley shot wiped far out! Then Patrice Evra and pogba after kicking down the walls combined with crosses on the left side of the area, before Coulibaly almost into their doors, Rafael used his legs to ward off. Parreira replaced Andrea Pirlo. Napoli's 68th minute tied the score! De Guzman left crossing over Chiellini, higuain in front of 5 meters a header into the far corner, 1:1, [click here to watch goal videos] higuain ended 1 month to 6 field goal drought, were last stormed on November 23 Cagliari in Serie a. This is the 2nd time he scored in the domestic Super Cup last August 29, 2012 Spain Super Cup second leg (Real Madrid against Barcelona).Substitute Marek hamsik Maertens, Padoin substituted lixishitaina. On 86 minutes, Bidal 24 metres in front of the unmarked low shot out. 4 minutes later, Pereira road play, Llorente right back, Carlos Tevez 13 meters in front of bursts off the left post. 2 minute in injury time, Simone padoin was pushed over by de Guzman on the right side of the area, referee Valery did not say. The game into overtime. nike free 5.0 herr   Yinle substitute David Lopez. The 95 minute, Parreira restricted area arc curve ball was confiscated by the Rafael flying. Simone padoin immediately cross from the right flank pogba made fall into arms of Raphael. 101 minutes, Evra cross under the left wing, Hadad then point 10 metres left foot to push, at the near post to Coulibaly of the ball! Both sides again and again. Morata change the Llorente, Jorginho replace de Guzman. 106 minutes, Evra left the area back, pogba ingenious top 3 Favorites against biography, Tevez turned the ball over, in front of the 13-meter low shot into the bottom left corner, 2:1. This is his representative 7th scored twice for Juve. [Click here to watch goal videos] launched an attack on the final stage of Naples. 111 minute, higuain takes overhead to form single, right-hand side to 9 meters and a half volley from door hook shots were saved by Buffon magic! 115 minute, higuain Chiellini marking them down in the penalty area, Valery did not say. Napoli's 118 minute equalised again! Foot of the Gargano to higuain cross from the right was smeared, higuain 8 meters into the right corner in front, 2:2. Foz do therefore 4 times for Napoli scored twice before.


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