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In fact, Bryant, were delighted to help future
« on: December 15, 2014, 01:36:22 AM »
In fact, Bryant, were delighted to help future generations, and to give them advice. "I help them, guide them and give them advice. "He said. It is reported that Bryant had through text messages and phone calls the way Durant talked to 3 points in the middle and some improved scoring  nike roshe run dam        abilities as well as recommendations for the teammates, higher demands. In addition, when George this summer on behalf of United States team after suffering serious nike air presto sverige    injury to attend the training camp, Bryant has given comfort and encouragement. But once we get on the Court, Bryant will not be welcome in any of them.

2012, Kobe Bryant during the regular season in a game against Oklahoma City less constant with Durant, Granville and knock harden died, while in October this year with the Warriors in a preseason,  nike free run dam     his Clay-Thompson as well. "I once bumped into him in the process, and then he said to me, if I do it again, he's going to teach me. "Thompson recalls," he always has the upper hand, even in the preseason in October, he will not be a waste of time. "Of course, Kobe Bryant for his team-mates are also very strict. Recently, he infuriated during a team training, and criticized the reserves was as soft as tissue paper. In addition, nike free run 2 herr    he and Nick young spray trash talk each other. In fact, in the summer of 2012 the United States men's basketball team training camp in the Cavaliers headed charged Wei Ouwen had seen Bryant's trash-talking work

Owen attempts to one on one on one and Kobe Bryant, and Bryant said to him: "I know your father does not think that you can beat me in one on one. Phone will now dial your Daddy and tell him: ' Dad, I'm trying to bet with Kobe Bryant 5Million dollar gamble is singled out, I can beat him. nike free 5.0 herr   ' I think his reaction is, ' son, you mad? Are you crazy? ' "Recently, a hot topic is Kobe Bryant when the NBA will pass Michael Jordan in career scoring. Now, from this historic moment has become increasingly closer. Bryant himself has expressed a different view, he said winning a championship has always been his biggest goal at the same time, he remains confident that he has influenced the current generation of NBA players. "I grew up watching Michael's game, Michael grew up watching someone else's game. "He said," so the most important is to watch, observe and learn those predecessors of the game. You work hard to help you become a better basketball player. ”


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