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In fact, after the battle ended the Hornets
« on: January 04, 2015, 07:59:32 PM »

In fact, after the battle ended the Hornets, a lot of things have been verified. Love the game scored game-high 27 points (at Knight high 28 points with him only a 1 min),victoria secret outlet   he hit three three-pointers in a row at key times, 23 left in the game.4 seconds left, Sebastian Telfair and successful turnaround jumper, helped Knight ahead 5 minutes, clinching. But it is not just the simple meaning of "Kevin Love night. "I don't think it (victory) thanks to one person," Blatter said after the game, "this is the result of a team effort. We need the ball to the right people at the right time, and was shot by him in all the right places. "The game against wasps, section II for the Knight brace was Tristan Thompson. He played the full 12 minutes and scored 7 points and grabbed 4 rebounds and two blocks. Knights single at 24-21 slightly ahead, narrowed down to 6 minutes to score the Hornets. Yes, Cavaliers, other than star players, and other role players to play is also very important. Duhem-Vitesse stood out in section III. His single scored 8 points and two steals, Knight section III a 32-18 orgasm, one to turn things around, go-ahead score.

 Finale is the final section Owen to stir up the beam. Owen, while the fourth section 2 of 9 shots, but his single scored 9 points, he knew the team needed him to do something about it. "For me personally, I need to complete more and harder shots than before," Owen said after the game, "it is inappropriate for the team's offensive aggressiveness, but now I have to do. "Owen is only 8 of 27 shots in the game and New Orleans, Vitesse 8 of 21 shots. Although their hit rate is low, but Blatter recognised in their performance. "Both of them are experienced, high level players," Blatter said, "they voted that they should vote for the ball, which will give us the opportunity to bring up points. ”"Every night on the squad are different combinations, which is not very good for us," said coach when it comes to rider's injury situation that, "particularly the Anderson Varejao (season) and LeBron James (left knee and back injuries, sidelined two weeks) out of lineup we shot distribution change. Field on the corresponding changes in the lineup and player rotation, we need a little time to find a solution. I was pleased we played very competitive, very intelligent, and when we lead, to maintain our edge.

"" This is an opportunity. LeBron is not, I'll have more shots, and this is my chance to show I can make a contribution to this team. "Sebastian Telfair said. Tristan Thompson had 14 points and 14 rebounds in the last game, there is also a season-high 3 blocked covers. He has got two pairs of 4 games in a row, he quietly paid to the Knight has provided a lot of help. "We often say that we do not have people protecting the basket I made efforts in this regard. I know I can block, and that's my job, is also an important part of my work. "The Thompson team reporters. Vitesse substitute in the game against wasps, scored 17 points, and he also provides the rider with a good bench scoring. "I knew I could help the team. "Vitesse said after the game. In any case, is already an established fact that James sidelined for two weeks. Knight test has only just begun to experience, see Cleveland rightfully will perform.


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