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I don’t know pressure transmitter
« on: July 04, 2016, 07:12:53 PM »

""I don’t know pressure transmitter how you could make the bananas skins big enough. That’s my serious issue."""I think we need to get Frank to the monitor more often," he said. "He’ll change his mind as to what this could be."

A competition, though automation process control, may not be the ultimate goal here. "What’s the purpose having beginners upgrade what professionals have already done?" Anderson said, indicating that Google’s independent car would have no trouble finishing a lap better than most of the vehicles present. "I think the thing is exactly the same factor that Jobs and Wozniak had when they had the Home brew Pc Club. The Apple company II wasn’t the first computer or the best computer — actually it was probably the worst computer — you could buy. But it was the only computer that you could buy, and it took a different transformative direction."


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