Author Topic: I've been playing blade and soul for a month now  (Read 2159 times)

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I've been playing blade and soul for a month now
« on: March 14, 2016, 12:19:00 AM »
the BNS Gold Question is if Ncsoft even care about the whole bot/script problem
last day i was Arena
Blade Dancer vs Blade Dancer
my lvl 30 enemy lvl 25
he use attacks who i never see before
the cd from some varius skills was absolute 0 in the time i was need 30/60 for reuse them....
i dont care if i die so long i play with another players

The problem is, BnS is a really fun and good game to me. Despite the cheap voice acting and the sudden gap at lvl 45, I like BnS. However, apparently NCsoft is trying all they can do to kill the game.
I've played since western release, some 4-5 weeks ago. At this point, I usually start to pour cash into the game I like. And as in all other MMOs, the first step is a subscription. Cheap, you get nice perks for little money and the first step in binding yourself to your character, to the game, to cosmetics or whatever is done.
But this game I liked was called BnS "Blade and Soul". Right now, I'm playing some imposter game called BnS "Bots'n'Scam". From legit afk leechers over the disproportional Ogong case to whole bot armies. I've put time in my characters, I want to play more, I'm willing to put money in it. But not with these circumstances. NCsoft right now is diving like a submarine and nowhere to be seen instead of putting up a task list, informing us of their progress (and not some shady "long-term solution against bots" or whatever they called it, I forgot) and make the game attractive again.

I've been playing BnS for a month now, to be honest, I'm kinda the guy who likes leveling a lot, so premium is amazing for me, since I have rank 5 on it I get 20% xp and more cash per monster. All the bots and whatever doesn't really disturb me, probably because I'm playing on lowly populated server ( Twin Wagons), so I don't really have any experience about other servers.
I kinda like it, sure there are bots, but probably not as many as in other places. :)


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