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Help lost 19 3 had Kobe Bryant where
« on: January 15, 2015, 12:15:14 AM »

Help lost 19 3 had Kobe Bryant where this episode really can't bear to see. the Los Angeles Lakers [Twitter] 75:78 home loss to the Miami Heat, victoria secret outlet  even though Bryant to compete again, but his poor shooting touch still game just 3 of 19 shots, and in the last minute of the game he missed potentially tying score three-point shooting, the Lakers helpless suffering consecutive defeats. Although Bryant yesterday to participate in training, but doubts as to whether he will play the Miami Heat. Before until this match, kebicai confirmed entries with old rivals, after all, Wade [Twitter] not much chance to compete with Bryant really cherish this chance. May be the same as before a game against the clippers, Bryant's shooting touch was not good in the match. 4 minutes 23 seconds left in the first quarter when Kobe Bryant the Lakers the game's first three goals, it was his only goal in the first half.

Throughout the first half, Bryant just 1 of 9 shots, beating an momentum against the clippers and copies today. Bryant's hand still no recovery in the second half, until 2 minutes 44 seconds left in the fourth quarter, and he suddenly threw a gleam in three-pointers, and the Lakers trailing by 4 points. Flared for Lakers fans to see Bryant's comeback hopes, fourth left section 31.Kobe Bryant one-pointers when the 3 seconds, only 3 points behind the Lakers. After the Deng's shot block, the Lakers got the opportunity to tie, but Kobe Bryant's three-point shooting their way into, Lakers regret losing at home. Watching Bryant missed again to save the ball, people think this scene very well, did it this season have become almost the norm. Except against the Indiana Pacers Kobe Bryant to score the winning goal in addition to Bryant's clutch shots in the remaining games of the season are not into, the grim reminder that Kobe Bryant is really old. The game Kobe Bryant playing nearly 31 minutes, only 3 of 19 shots, three-point shooting 2 of 9 shots, could only manage 12 points

 7 assists and 6 rebounds. Although plenty of rest, but Bryant's body is still a little tired, obviously, his condition is not very good, which was no small impact on his shot. Shot at least 19 times in the game, hits count does not exceed 3, it was Bryant's third of his career. Both happen in 2012 before March, when the Lakers 1-1. Watched Bryant constantly bashing, it is more clearly recognized the effects of age and body on how. Even though Bryant had made hard efforts to that end, but time to his influence is much larger than expected. Scott has expressed regret in a rotator cuff injury to Bryant before the consumption of too much, perhaps it is precisely this overconsumption resulting in Bryant's body it is difficult to recover, despite his truce before the match two games to attack still no signs of recovery.Playing and stopping Bryant will become the norm in this season, the Lakers did not record the pressure situations, teams would be willing to do so. For Kobe now, rest is indeed the most important, he has to do is to try to stay healthy, so that the body can restore to good condition as much as possible and then get back on the Court.


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