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Health tips: mothers pay attention to shoes to choose carefully
« on: November 02, 2014, 06:38:30 PM »
Health tips: mothers pay attention to shoes to choose carefully, has a very important role on the health of pregnant women. This requires pregnant women when the shoe selection,cheap new balance 999     must be scientifically and rationally choose, to ensure you and your baby's health. Pregnant women in general increase around 15 kg body weight during pregnancy, stress on the legs and feet when you walk a lot, focus change, wearing a pair of ill-fitting shoes can make a pregnant woman feel tired, thus affecting the unborn baby's development. Flexibility depends mainly on the Arch of the  discount new balance 501     foot to complete arch in addition to absorb shocks when walking outside, but also to keep the body in balance, so when women buy shoes, in addition to exquisite comfort, warmth, and considering the needs of the arch.

Many women think that flat shoes are the best choice, but when wearing flat shoes to walk, usually land on their heels and the soles after touchdown, wearing flats cannot maintain new balance 595 mens   the Arch of the foot to absorb shock, and prone to fatigue and injuries of the muscles  new balance 998 nz   and ligaments, relatively speaking, choice followed by 2 cm heel is appropriate. In addition, middle and late pregnant women should not wear high heels, pregnant body fat during this period, especially the hips raised

 chest and lower back are moves, body naturally lean, new balance 577 womens   if wearing heels, maternal body weight will lean forward and lost his balance and cause troubles such as wrestling, frustration. May also cause abdominal diameter distance, the tilt of the pelvis to increase artificially induced dystocia. While abdominal pressure rises, increased pressure on blood vessels, thus making the blood circulation is restricted, so prone to edema of pregnancy.


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