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RUTHERFORD May 31 hearing King's Cup final, Harvey  to complete the career Nou Camp last race, gains his first 24 titles, and the history of the Spanish football club to win the highest number of FIFA 16 players. On the podium, Xavi and Iniesta  to join the trophy, which is out of print will be the perfect image of the dual-core left the Nou Camp. Harvey did not start is not unexpected, important FIFA 16 games this season, Enrique basically let Busquets and Iniesta, midfielder Rakitic composition triangle, Harvey does not think they have been neglect, 'the coach rotation system, so the ultimate team at the end of the season to maintain a good state, I accept this decision ',' This (the total off the bench) is not the main reason I decided to leave the club, the coach has told me openly, what we need is to play Well the last two finals. 'Last season the European Cup final win and become the best FIFA 16 player Rakitic, played in the finals for the first time on behalf of Barcelona, he also Prosinecki and Jarni, who, history King's Cup final played in six Croatian FIFA 16 players, including 1999 and 2014 Flahaut Popovich Modric had won. It is also Rakitic pass by Suarez transition achievements Neymar's goal. When Rakitic starting debut, Barcelona offensive rhythm faster than ever, but also a major feature of the ultimate team this season, and after Harvey substitute battle, red and blue often means a need for better control of rhythm and maintain the lead. Harvey played the second half debut positive role, he passes 28 times, the success rate was 96.4%, in Barcelona habitual bottom field deceleration while avoiding the opponents completely controlled the midfield initiative. Of course, Harvey 55 minutes to go into battle, but also  fut coins with the old partner Andres Iniesta was forced to exit the leg muscles suddenly felt unwell related. The campaign is Harvey King's Cup debut in the first 70 FIFA 16 games, 69 FIFA 16 games of Saqqara beyond the third line history, second only to the Saami Teal and 71 field  75 field. Barcelona captain and this was also the 34th Bilbao played, over 32 appearances and 31 meters Gehry field Rama Liberec, queuing history first. Harvey made 23 wins for the Basque lion, also record in ultimate team history, far more than Messi  of 16 wins and Valdes  15 wins. If the future does not appear malignancy or move to other European ultimate teams and other extreme cases, the campaign is Harvey's Camp Nou farewell race war, before the whistle with a goal he had the opportunity to bid farewell to 17 years for their cheering home fans, but the free-kick hit the post pop-up, failed. But to stand on the podium, he won his first 24 Barcelona champion, is enough to make Harvey go down in history: his 24 championship results, surpassing Real Madrid  and Iniesta legend Gento 23 crown, as Spanish football club history to win the highest number of FIFA 16 players. Plus 3 national crown, Harvey 17-year career has won 27 titles. As the ultimate team captain, Harvey can enjoy this first won the championship, fans in the audience cheer and accept courtesy, but he did not forget the old comrades Iniesta, inviting white celebrating together with their trophy. Enrique driving the fans after the FIFA 16 game, a word filled with emotion, 'I wish I Puyol and Valdes could be like, like Harvey, won the trophy (after leaving the ultimate team).' Dual-core cup this moment, it will be eternal fixed in the bright history of the Camp Nou, like once perfect midfield dual-core, the future will be many years before a pair? 24 Xavi Barca career crown: La Liga  8, the Champions League  3, 3 King's Cup, Spanish Super Cup 6, 2 European Super Cup, World Club Cup 2 (Cuchu) text has ended, you can Press alt + 4 comments


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