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Hanseatic City of front-Kobe:
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Hanseatic City of front-Kobe: didn't expect so fast you feel tired,United States local time on December 21, the Los Angeles Lakers visit Sacramento challenge the OTC than in more lively Kings, lost 101-108. Brian cousins is bondage had 29 points and 14 rebounds in a 19-9; Kobe Bryant shot 30-of-8,buy nike huarache free 2012      scoring 25 points and 5 rebounds and 3 assists. Two teams of middle and lower ranking Western, are undergoing wrenching change--the only difference may be  nike free run 3 womens     that King took place in the throes of this month, the Lakers lineup ages, throes of successors may be even longer. Most understand the Malone coach Brian cousins left the Club earlier this month and expels teenager Kobe Bryant still Cruisin ' for the year

 but due to limitations of speed and strength, irreducible brave that year. Game to look down, and only two said: let the past events with the wind. King Brian cousins-only focus on the field is experiencing the longest five-game losing streak of the season, three-game losing streak after losing  nike free 5.0 v4 for sale    to the Pistons, the team also made the surprising decision. Because of personal reasons, my last meeting with leader interview December 2, King's game against Toronto. Never expected was that this should have been filled with festive 12Months, became the King of mileage grief throughout the season (hopefully only one). This month, the King outside the turbulent, cumulative months of team chemistry vanished overnight. Has just come back to play the "Cousin" Brian cousins, after losing to the bucks in front of the media for the first time, the replacement is inevitably subject to coach. "I try to make myself focus on basketball and focused within the field. "-At the request of such a clear PR under respond, say equal to say simple, is disappointed and tired of Brian cousins face in captivity. new nike free powerlines    Brian cousins convinced maybe coach Malone was by far the hardest for Manager every post-match interview before he is always mentioned in the coach's tactics. It can be said that Brian cousins mature this season, half of military medals should be attributed to Malone coach. Coach Malone is a careful person. During his time in this summer's World Cup, accompanied with Rudy Gay cousin travelled to Spain, one is more familiar with the two teams within the main technical features in order to better develop the tactical 21 areas to build confidence on both sides in the emotional.

Such a night train after several weeks out of the deep feelings of the revolution to test God in his career made a rare start to trust a new coach. But just a few months later, along with his own absence due to illness, coach Malone was forced to leave, good innocent test God even think this is caused by him, ... ...Today's game against the Los Angeles Lakers was second after cousin was ill and new Manager Terence-kaobin coach for the third time, the team is going through five of the team's longest losing streak of the season, bad record in the field, outside the stifling of public opinion, internal and external troubles, than this. Everyone is very clear, in this League, nike free run ireland   winning solves all problems, if you keep losing like this, that all kinds of deals, rumors of discord within the team will follow. Mature cousin knew this truth, so today on the Court, he and victory with data so that management and the fans settled down for the time being. Tonight, the Lakers have used Edmund-Davies, Jordan Hill and William Makepeace Thackeray cornerstone to defend him, but still can claim Brian cousins without foul trouble on both ends of the floor. Coaches are Brian cousins on both sides of this evening's performance gives excellent reviews: "basically we've done all we can do. "Byron Scott, Brian cousins in a post-match interview to answer questions about defense issues," we use the double double, he was still able to score or create very effective free throw opportunities. ”


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