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Grizzlies traded green army flank negotiations
« on: January 09, 2015, 11:43:49 PM »

Grizzlies traded green army flank negotiations heat up or sending Springs + picks. According to Yahoo Sports reported that the Memphis and Boston  victoria secret outlet   between the two teams are close to reaching deal on small forward Jeff Green. Since Jean-Rondo [Twitter] after being traded, widely seen as Jeff Greene will be the next to be sent away the Celtics players. Meanwhile, the Grizzlies would very much like to be able to reinforce the flank position. Woshen reported that between the Celtics and Grizzlies have basically reached a deal on green, at present, they are waiting for a third team to complete the deal. By then, the Grizzly-Prince Prince, Tayshaun Prince, and a future first-round draft pick to the Celtics. It is worth mentioning that green will play the status in the starting lineup today, the Celtics and Pacers game. But before the game, he did not play with teammates preparing for training, and was finally withdrawn in the starting lineup. After the trade for green, Grizzly bears will have a versatile small forward.

 This season, the forest are of 17.6 points and 4.2 rebounds, his salary was $ 9.2 million. 2015-16 season, Greene will enter the final year of the contract, value is $ 9.2 million and has a player option. To into renewal, the Celtics are young chips continue to accumulate. Earlier in the day, they completed a deal with the Sun, and Brandon Wright in Exchange for a future first-round picks. Now, the Celtics already holds the next four years at the hands of 11 first-round pick in the NBA draft. Bulls this summer to top renewed supernovae he is the true core of the season.According to a report in the Chicago Tribune, along with Jamie Butler during the season a final straw, the Chicago Bulls have prepared this summer to present him with a maximum salary contract. So far this season, Butler averaged 21.7 points, 6.3 rebounds and 3.2 assists

 shooting and shot 47.8% and 35.1%, respectively, and these data were created for his career-high. It can be said that Butler is the best among bulls players this season, and his salary was only $ 2.12 million. Taking the title race as goals for the bulls, keeping Butler would be their top priority in the offseason this year. In fact, the bulls last October, was to draw on Butler for a 4-year, $ 44 million contract, but Butler refused. Sources said, when he saw the same Clay Thompson and myself [Twitter] with the Golden State Warriors signed a 4 years worth $ 70 million maximum contract after, Jimmy Butler decides next summer to test the water as a limited free agent market, and then forced the bulls management to make difficult decisions. So far, the Bulls have accepted the fact that Butler was worthy of maximum contract, even if it means they are going to pay a luxury tax. But bulls boss Jerry Leinsdorf had said that, in order for the team to compete for a Championship, he was willing to pay.


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