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Griffin infected right elbow surgery sure missed
« on: February 08, 2015, 06:55:36 PM »

Griffin infected right elbow surgery sure missed the all-star, according to the ESPN report, Los Angeles Clippers starting power forward Blake Griffin was infected right elbow surgery and will miss this year's NBA All-Star game as a result. It is understood that Griffin will miss today's  converse pro star      game against the Oklahoma City Thunder and over night flight to Los Angeles. Tomorrow, where he will undergo right elbow surgery. According to the Clippers ' official news, Griffin truce indefinitely. As to when he will be able to return will depend on the surgery tomorrow. But you can be sure of is that Griffin would miss at least the next three games and the New York all-star. Wait until after the all-star break ended, Griffin's right elbow will undergo further examination, to determine date. This season, Griffin altogether represented the Clippers played 51 games, averaged 22.5 points, 7.5 rebounds and 5.1 assists, and was named West of this all-star lineup. Griffin retired due to injury, NBA President Martin silver will be called upon to choose a player to replace Griffin location. But as ESPN reporter Marc Stern said on Twitter

 who replaced Griffin to participate in this year's all-star game would be decided by Martin silver, who replaced Griffin into the line-up in the West is the West coach Steve Cole is in charge. Blake Griffin's sudden withdrawal means this year's two Western Conference starters will be absent because of injury, womens converse all star    another Lakers [Twitter] Kobe Bryant. Due to right shoulder surgery, the Lakers headed star season. Lillard an all-star live fans have shoes was able to spit it out, please?According to a report in the bleachers sports, because the Clippers forward Blake Griffin because of an elbow injury and will miss this year's all-star break, blazers-controlled weidamian-Lillard was the League President Adam Xiao Huaqin points were selected, which makes a Blazers fan because a public bet go to eat out of his shoes. For more than a week ago, 2015 officially published list of NBA All-Star bench, pioneer headed control weililade failed.

 As previously promised on social media if Lillard elected all-star eating shoes, a pioneer named Josh taqie had finally complied with this commitment. "Because Lillard elected all-star, and I have assured people that he would be selected, so I'm going to eat a shoe. "Josh taqie the IG on account of the individual at that time wrote. Meanwhile, he has also posted a ate shoes in the process. From the video it looks, tower cut to a children's shoes back home, he put the shoes in the pot, then put it in the blender into pieces and scooped a spoonful of shoes and then fragments into the juicer and three squeeze shoes with fruit juice. Video, Josh towers lifted the cup of juice and drinking inside the shoe. Couldn't think of more than a week later, prior to making the Western Conference starting lineup, Griffin suddenly retired due to injury, followed by Xiao Huaqin Lillard elected, President of the League. Do not know who the Blazers fans know how this would feel, but at that time the shoe was bilked.


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