Author Topic: Golden poison front tells the story behind the Nike  (Read 642 times)

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Golden poison front tells the story behind the Nike
« on: January 06, 2015, 11:58:28 PM »

Golden poison front tells the story behind the Nike, When neymar was Brazil Santos, a coastal city when a 12-year-olds obsessed with football,  victoria secret swimwear nz  he had sprayed into his football shoes gold. Today, Nike for the Brazil stars unveil a stunning new Gold version of "poison front (the Nike hypervenom)" boot, power foes he faced this summer's football extravaganza the next game until next season. In early 2013, the Player opens in Rio "drug fronts (the hypervenomphantom)" immediate help and his Brazil team at the Confederations Cup title. Nike gold HIV front tells the story behind "while when we saw the player, he tells us that 12 years old he had sprayed gold his sneakers, because he always wanted a pair of Golden shoes, but in any case not found. This inspired, we believe this summer as he launched a pair of the sneakers is a great time. "Nike soccer ball design director dannisidekeweiqi said. "The biggest challenge is to get the Golden seems to have the perfect spraying. Neymar, and we work closely together with a view to the greatest extent to restore his memories of childhood that pair of boots in color.

Very pleased with our final design, can't wait to look at the stadium's debut. "This particular version of" poison front (the hypervenom phantom) "on the insoles and a unique design details-a gold spray paint cans and an" HIV front "sneaker designs, show the stories behind the designs.Nike football team by observing the design forward trends in today's football game, designed the "HIV front" football boots. "Nike ' poison front ' response to the development trend is the birthplace of football games. Players want to be faster, it refers not only to run faster, but also means that in the small space with the ball faster. They hope to create opportunities that do not exist. ' Poison front ' is designed to help striker in the penalty area to create more narrow window of opportunity to fight today's faster defensive players on the field. "Mordkovitch said. Nikeskin vamp design team thinks this new product must be a revolutionary shoe manufacturing innovation. "In General, the sneakers will raise the comfort of a new, upper material, sole and Spike configuration. ' Poison front ' sneakers uses a new solution in the above aspects. "Mordkovitch said. "HIV front" of the upper with the new nikeskin system. Nikeskin soft mesh material based polyurethane film, and then joined the ACC technology Nike (all conditions control technology). ACC technology ensure both in wet or dry conditions, sneakers for football has the same ability to control. Mordkovitch added:

 "the mesh material makes sneakers with extraordinary comfort and feel. Players want us as close as possible to build a playing barefoot shoes, mesh used to make us more of a step closer. Nike ACCTechnology can keep the mesh surface dry, but it will not reduce the flexibility and comfort of sneakers, without affecting the performance and designed the sneaker Stadium. "Perfect and outsole of shoe" HIV front "also uses a new shoe, which focuses on removing the embedded material of shoe, feet closer to the field and the ball. Nike in cooperation with some of the world's top Podiatrist, creating a separation of a forefoot outsole--it can help players taken out of its point guard, is a critical first step. The effect is visible in the recesses of the forefoot, it can help the first metatarsal started quickly, was a site determines the boot on the foot of reaction time. Outsole with compressed nylon on the bottom, makes the shoe lighter, more responsive, and helps transmit strength and very lightweight. Structure and length of spikes by designing, making soles can quickly catch and more quickly. All design innovations help players faster than ever to create space.


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