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From a scheduling standpoint
« on: December 29, 2014, 01:45:21 AM »

From a scheduling standpoint, Manchester City is at disadvantage. Chelsea in next year's new year's trip to Tottenham, while the April 25 against arsenal, which is the Blues only two difficult away game of the season. While remaining tough against Manchester City on January 10 against Everton at Stamford Bridge Chelsea, on January 31, March 1 against Liverpool and the Manchester  vans high tops nz    Derby at Old Trafford on April 11 and May 2 and Tottenham vs. 5-7 road trip before last season was clearly against Manchester City this season, destiny played a decisive role in the games. And this one, on January 31 of the battle of Kings mountain on the Premier League title race this season's situation is critical, vans era 59 nz   in teams of 6 points in the battle to achieve the desired results no doubt will occupy the upper hand in the title battle.

In addition, although Chelsea have entered the Carling Cup semi-finals, next year-year stage, they will at least be fighting two more than Manchester City's Carling Cup semi-final. However due to the African Cup next year and no Chelsea player will be called (John Obi Mikel of Nigeria and Salah Egypt did nike free run 3 womens nz     not enter the final lap), that Blues is still more advantages than blue moon (Yaya Toure will almost certainly change over the Ivory Coast in the African Cup, will miss Manchester City matches during next January). The Yaya Toure not in the squad because of groin injuries, apparently was Manchester City's ability to control the game on the pitch declined. Once in the winter transfer window failed to supplement even successful relet 36The age of Frank Lampard, Manchester City in suichu next year in the middle of the vans cab lite review    staff shortage problems will get very worried. If not surprisingly from Cote d ' Ivoire Africa Cup group stages, so Yaya Toure's war-time shortages need to grow further, with Chelsea in the battle of Kings mountain, Manchester City squad sent Yaya Toure will most likely not play, so naturally there will be very satisfied with Mourinho. According to Pellegrini's claims, no later than January 5 of next year, Yaya Toure and joins the national team preparing for

 and time is to host the African Nations Cup from January 17 to February 8 next year. However, although the wheels thereby creating club history not to have won the tournament winning streak on the new history, city's outstanding record during the winter months in recent years should also have the Blue Moon party with confidence. Last season, the Blue Moon in 20 consecutive games in December and January to win 18 games, spell it for them in the Premier League final stage champion has laid a good foundation. Manchester people  vans era mens shoes     naturally want to repeat such situations this season, but almost invincible Chelsea this season cannot be active again and again make a mistake. After this round, Chelsea became half of the Premier League title this season, it is times for Chelsea in the Premier League 4th time end time harvest of the year-end Championships. 3 Chelsea without exception are winning. 2004-2005 season, Mourinho's Chelsea ahead of arsenal at the end of 5 minutes, and eventually won arsenal's 12-point lead. In the 2005-2006 season, when Chelsea play at the end of 2005 record was 18 WINS, 1 draw and 1 55 minutes, left United 11 points and eventually won by 8 points 2nd Premier League trophies. 2009-2010 season, Ancelotti's Chelsea at the end of 2009, leading Manchester United by two points, a 1-point lead at the end of the season to beat Manchester United. However, the blues are also by no means relax in a championship team, battle for the Premier League title race this season, seems so vehemently to continue until the winner eventually crashed across the finish line, in a moment ... ...


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