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Frank clarified transfer Rashomon:
« on: January 09, 2015, 11:53:56 PM »

Frank clarified transfer Rashomon: committed to Manchester City's admission of mistakes.Frank Lampard and Manchester City's transfer issue still dubious,  zara sweater uk      everyone thought the lamp was from New York City sublets to Manchester City, and Manchester City Premier League officials confirmed that Frank Lampard signed a contract, and opinions. Lampard himself came out today to clarify, he said, and New York promised agreement was reached, after the season would go to the United States, while Manchester City also admitted Frank Lampard on contracts to mislead fans. 2015 first day, Manchester City and both clubs are announced in New York, Frank Lampard will extend the loan spell in Manchester, from here to the end of the season. But yesterday a statement from Premier League officials were puzzled by all fans, shown in the statement, Lampard season went all the way to the end of the season is Manchester City's registered players, Manchester and New York

 and there is no agreement. This ownership also means that Lampard is city-owned. Time dial returned to last year summer, at and Chelsea contract due of Lampard select visiting United States New York effectiveness, New York City also vigorously promote they of weight level new aid, but due to is United States big Union fn, New York only until 2015 of new season to began game, at as has joint relationship of Manchester zara dresses uk    City appeared has, Lampard first in Manchester City for training, soon Hou blue moon on announced loan Lampard to January, 36 age of lamp still can in premier guarantee excellent of State, It also let Manchester City are anxious to extend his loan deal, city eventually achieving that dream, Frank Lampard to lease until May. Media and fans mystified, Lampard himself issued a statement explaining the current status, the statement reads as follows: "I've seen some inaccurate reports in the media in the near future

 and I want to be clarified.After last season's contract with Chelsea, I made a commitment agreement and New York City, that is since January 2015 to join the team, and two years. After that Manchester City has provided me an opportunity to train with the team, and the game on hold. Currently I live in Manchester was extended, after the end of the season, I will go back to New York City, in the process, in order to achieve the perfect solution, everyone maintains good communication. I am excited about is about to join New York, I'm going to make New York City a most successful MLS teams give their all. Finally, thanks for the support of my fans, 2015 wish you healthy and happy. "Description of city of Frank Lampard, they admitted that Lampard's contract with New York City from January 2015 to come into effect until after claiming 2014 year loan is wrong, Frank Lampard without a break clause in the contract, Manchester City will renew Lampard from January 2015 to the end of the season.


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