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For those spray: Ronaldo how he would
« on: February 09, 2015, 11:44:27 PM »

For those spray: Ronaldo how he would like to ask it?After Beckham retires, Ronaldo endorsed the football world the highest level of skill and beauty, handsome,  nike flyknit air max      good ball, the Avenue of stars. Often has female fans around me like this tut: Ronaldo real cool, did not know his big brother a Luo, Luo is not as handsome, brother b? Female fans are far view not only treated disrespectfully, my answer is: not a, b, Luo Luo, in this world, there is only one Ronaldo. Yes, there is only one Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo three won a Golden Globe Award, Ronaldo took over the Premier League La Liga titles, Ronaldo's "15" become a benchmark and role models to follow, Ronaldo became the University's research programs, Ronaldo's bike and lift the ball into the children follow the movement. Thanks Ronaldo gives us passion, joy and full of positive energy.

 But come, there are troughs, that is the day before a storm, after the failure of the birthday party. (Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo put a disastrous birthday lying spree by Madrid fans bashing (pictured)) on the incident itself, one overlooked fact is that Ronaldo currently circulating online Carnival photos are published by other participants, and Ronaldo both individuals on Twitter or Facebook, have never released these photos, he has kept a low after the defeat. Another thing, losing is part of football. Moreover, Ronaldo off the free-spirited,   air max thea     but to training and games, is very disciplined and dedicated, willing to give everything for the team. His agent Mendes ' praise, this spirit of self-discipline, Ronaldo at the age of 40 can still guarantee good enough.Most of us are in the care of him, holding these views, but also have many critics, have said they blame. Read the posts you will find that some network, and some fans, no visas to go abroad, think of yourself as a slur for Ronaldo: "losing like that, why don't you know that worry them? Why don't you fire them? You are thinking about opening party? "Or is familiar with the syntax of, and was also familiarize yourself with the taste. Every Chinese child from smallest to largest, are all associated with the exam, I did so. Unfortunately, I was never xueba, regular watering, so often was the teacher of attack from other areas but I'm not one to heart. But one with good intentions, is I have a brain, this sentence I have in our ears, here it is: Qi Shuai, why don't you know that worry them? I dare not say to contradict (now regret). But every time I hear this phrase at that time, I had the answer right away: what rights do I have to worry about, just a test? I don't worry about it, what should I worry themselves sick, I worry of your charge? Ronaldo also answered: Why can't I lose it? Just one ball? Why wouldn't I be happy, why can't I play after losing it? So, as usual

 he opened the party, as usual accept the solace and comfort to others, as usual, takes into account the 40 children, as usual in a roaring voice, spelled ' singer. So also is the Internet, ran out of some people blame Ronaldo.This is a. Some people live their lives, are living their own, some people live their lives, keep an eye on someone else. These people are "great," forget yourself, always wanted to consider for you, decide on your behalf. They always behave for you hated her, and then accuse you, wants you to live according to his ideas. Including clothing, food, shelter, and mannerisms. Is user intervention on your property ownership. --Have you noticed anything or on a celebrity or non-celebrity posts, no matter what the consumer expenditures, the bottom lines of wet ink: that money donated to project hope, okay? Meaning of words, so you can not spend money, you can't talk, you can't live. In the eyes of these people, you must see the moving image of me with tears, you must be in the earthquake donations, you have to laugh at the rich, you must reject luxury goods, you have to lose, reflections, summaries, even on a hunger strike for three days. Of course, you could argue, I call the shots in my life, what intervention. But they were ready, they immediately offer that classic epitaph: "I don't agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. ”


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