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For domestic fashion ante
« on: January 12, 2015, 11:30:41 PM »

For domestic fashion ante, Tsai served as women's designer launches the same day,  victoria secret swimwear nz  media coverage, and a stunning press release Conference with the pace of shoes were in high spirits and speak to the experiences of a girl in love. Tsai named "CAI" (CAI) series of the same name, each shoe is a touching love letter, seven-segment written by Tsai himself love motto, the author's rich cultural heritage deeply imprinted in the melting pot of fashion. Expressing the word brand seeks to bring Chinese designers combine creativity and fashion art, promote women's inherent value at the same time, give more cultural connotation. In order to better express women's care, Kevin Tsai, "CAI" theme of the series through the experiences of a girl in love romantic show. Cross-border for the first time played shoe designer, Kevin Tsai design has its unique way of interpretation, he said

 "I want to" CAI "series designed to give romance a woman worthy of love. "Based on brand recognition and appreciation of, Tsai played shoe designer's challenge was accepted, and attended a professional women's shoes production training, understanding women's choice of materials and expertise to" CAI "series of creation has laid a solid foundation. When it comes to inspiration, Tsai said: "I have always been very spoiled girls. I wrote the text, and tender love for girls, as well as of love and longing for a better. This time, I'd like to design women's shoes, for my favorite girl, doing the same thing. "It is reported that from March 3, 2011 to 9th," CAI"The series women's shoes will be branded by JIU Guang baihuo Plaza sale. Even more to look forward to is March 8, Tsai will visit the site for the "CAI" series shoes signings. This series shoes where to buy during the event would also have a limited number of gift giving. Hidden in the shoes of love followed, fashion is always having nothing astonishing attitude satisfies people's desire for beauty. JCC brand new "CAI" series is the balance between taste and comfort of luxury shoes, from the hand of God Kevin Tsai, for the fashion sense of smell is obvious, this time, Tsai will be hidden in the shoes of love! "CAI" seven women's shoes include seven romantic love story, showing every woman will encounter the love stage

Tsai is designed for each stage of the women's shoes, accompanied by Tsai love motto, create free "shoes" can hit the women's revolution. Letter symbols for each shoe is hidden, hidden among the shoes are ingeniously designed, as the wearer adds looking for love-like taste. Comfortable materials and complexity of production processes, creative design in addition to surprise, adding a mix of diversity, seven women's diverse style, meet the needs of women for all occasions. "CAI" series out of traditional patterns, to create a new women's creative design.


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