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For 50 years, United Kingdom Queen have been
« on: November 12, 2014, 07:03:15 PM »
For 50 years, United Kingdom Queen have been customizing hundreds of pairs of leather shoes, waterproof style is all the same. She take good care of shoes, a pair can be worn for many years, nike dunk high heels australia    even if the heel is serious wear or upper tear,  nike shox nz austraia   will also ask Shoemaker to replace heels, repairing the vamp

 then continue to wear. Most of the nike shox deliver australia   shoe by Queen United Kingdom David Anello and produced, about 1000 pounds (about us $ 1703), you need at least 4 workers hand-made. Each pair of shoes is under the foot type and dimensions tailored to the Queen, supra skytop 2 australia    and then sent to the Palace to try and modify it, and finally wipe oil treatment.

 Wearing new shoes to ensure the Queen nor foot, using specialized tools and every new pair of shoes "wielding a pole", then headed by a staff member of the Royal family wore paced back and forth, supra tk society australia    until the new shoes were worn "without tempers." Try Queen shoes have strict rules: the worker must wear beige cotton socks, only walking back and forth along the carpet, before finally going outdoors to try once to test the adequacy of slip resistance. After the above procedure, new shoes can only be officially communicated to the Queen.


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