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FIFA interview with Andriy Shevchenko:
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FIFA interview with Andriy Shevchenko: nuoyierbimeixi Ronaldo won a Golden Globe. On January 5, 2015, Golden Ball Award winner, Ukraine famous striker Shevchenko today accepted an interview with FIFA's official website. The former AC Milan striker about his views on this year's  zara jeans uk     Golden Globe Awards, also talked about his club AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti. AC Milan's Shevchenko twice the effectiveness, won the Golden Globe Award in 2004, he has scored 175 goals for the rossoneri in Milan history on the scoring list behind only Sweden striker Nodal ranked second. Ukraine national team he scored 48 goals in 111 appearances in 2006, helped the team into the World Cup finals for the first time. FIFA's official website: as a former winner, do you think the Golden Globes mean to you? Shevchenko: a lot. This is the highest individual award in football, it meant a lot for players. When I was a kid, dreaming of one day picked up Golden Globes, awards on several occasions I had been very close, but when I actually took the trophy, I was very happy, a childhood dream come true. FIFA's official website: after winning the next day, how do you feel?

Shevchenko: and, as usual, is no different. Next day equals new start, you need to think about is the next game, the next year, moving on, trying to win more honors. FIFA official website: do you remember winning that season? Shevchenko: remember it very well, because that was one of the best seasons of my career. In ACMilan are doing well in the League and the Champions League. Other important World Cup qualifying a year, Ukraine points in a tough group, I know you want to win the Golden Ball award must do a better zara handbags uk    job in the national team. I remember the airport is from September to November, key races against Turkey and Denmark, I scored an important goal, the number of WINS for the team to the World Cup, set right pad base. FIFA official website: you said recently, Neuer is most apt to win this year's Golden Globe Awards. As a shooter, career certainly come across many good goalies, Neuer did anything special? Shevchenko: I watched the World Cup, the most important, he is the goalkeeper of the championship team. I think the goalkeeper Neuer is not a traditional, often play the role of Defender, but also through a variety of means to attack, he was not only a great keeper, his everything was fantastic. FIFA official website: candidates are Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, relatively few people cheering for goalkeeper, goalkeeper it's hard to beat the striker won the Golden Ball award. Shevchenko: Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in 2014 as well. Ronaldo helped Real Madrid [Twitter] won the Champions League, Messi did well at the World Cup, he helped Argentina team scored a second round run-off. Three of them were excellent, but I choose to Neuer, he was good because he was in the World Cup, and Bayern [Twitter] [Twitter], and he is great all year round. FIFA official website: Carlo Ancelotti was a candidate for coach of the year award, you are AC Milan and Chelsea [Twitter] [Twitter] have been working with him for such a coach what do you think?Shevchenko: Ancelotti is a fantastic coach, to work with him, I have fond memories of those days, we are also very good friends now. When he helped Real Madrid win the Champions League

 I am happy for him, gambit was hard for Real Madrid last season, but they turned out to be the winner. FIFA official website: collaboration with Carlo Ancelotti is the most wonderful memory? Shevchenko: of course is to win the Champions League at the moment. FIFA official website: Ancelotti's opponent Joachim Loew [Twitter], won the best coach is very difficult, because Löw won the World Cup title, Loew's work what do you think? Shevchenko: very good. He has led Germany for a long time, and used to create their own team to win the World Cup, that he deserves it. FIFA's official website: the last candidate is Simone, he seems to love and Ancelotti is not a type. Shevchenko: I very much appreciate the work of Simone, Atletico Madrid has always been a good team, but in the past ten years, you can't imagine him to get their hands on the Champions League. Simeone began shortly after, enthusiasm reminded me of when he was as a player, he always 100% to give on the pitch, as a coach, too, he knows how to communicate with the players, knowing what players want. Atletico Madrid in the Champions League came to an end, and won his only [Twitter] League, this is unbelievable.


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