Author Topic: FIFA 15 Ultimate Team: 10 Legends Who Were Criminally Overlooked  (Read 250 times)

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Without doubt one of the coolest pieces of exclusive content are the Legends on fifa coins account sale, available only to Xbox and Xbox One gamers. These historical powerhouses of the beautiful game make many of today’s players look distinctively unimpressive; indeed, Pelé’s 95 rating means that he is even better than Lionel Messi (now rated 93 on FIFA 15). The inclusion of 15 new Legends means that the roster is better than ever before, now boasting the likes of Bobby Moore, Franz Beckenbauer and Peter Schmeichel.
The jealousy coming from fifa coins account for sale-addicted Playstation owners who wished they could add Pelé to their Ultimate Team is understandably rife. However, the Xbox-exclusive content isn’t without its faults. Even with the new additions to the roster, there are still several notable absentees who have inexplicably been overlooked once again.
Of course it would be an impossible task to include all of the sport’s historical greats. The first association football club, Sheffield F.C., was founded in 1857 and since that time hundreds of players have been able to rise above their peers and emblazon their legacies into the annals of football’s history. However, some of the players who have not been included on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team are undeniable legends who have impacted the way the sport is played today.
Here are the 10 Legends who were criminally overlooked… Again:


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