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Fiery Derby! Madrid odds dominated conceal 5 be Atletico's sike
« on: January 07, 2015, 12:13:27 AM »

Fiery Derby! Madrid odds dominated conceal 5 be Atletico's sike,January 8, at 4 o'clock in the morning, Spain's King's Cup will experience a "Madrid Derby".  victoria secret bikinis nz   History of Madrid occupies a distinct advantage, but played almost 5 times but failed to get a win. Upper end winning streak this time Real Madrid visit to strike out, the odds are still confident in supporting, but Atletico interdict against Real Madrid is hard. About football, Spain Madrid is a city of happiness. Here, they have real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Getafe and Rayo 4 first division teams. With the advancement of Atletico Madrid in successive years, battle of Madrid Derby once again became a "broken vertical" matchups. Historical grievances almost everyone knows that Real Madrid and Barca's "clasico" weight weight, here have the Giants honor Ronaldo Messi and even geopolitical grievances. But the Madrid Derby's popularity even more. Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid scores seem to be born. The former like a hereditary aristocracy (1920-conferred title of the King

 was the darling of high society), which has become the civilian leader of the uprising (fans are mostly workers and civilians in the Southern District of Madrid). Frequently moves to build up the former galacticos, which has been transporting to football Fernando Torres, Sergio Aguero, Falco, Costa, the God front. In La Liga in the 86-year history, produced a total of 83 Championship (held 3 times because of the war terminated), Madrid's two teams won the 42. In Milan, dominated the top two, this figure is 36; powerful independent London, the figure is 19. Last season, Ma Jingli Real Madrid Barcelona win the Primera Liga title, but fell short in the Champions League final, watching Real Madrid won the Champions League. Real Madrid: League title 32Times, and King Cup champion 19 times, and champion league champion 10 times, and Union Cup champion 2 times Atletico Madrid: League champion 10 times, and King Cup champion 10 times, and winner Cup champion 1 times, and Europa Cup champion 2 times warring records: Real Madrid continuous 5 field be red frequently recalled near ten years, two team 30 times played, Real Madrid to 17 wins 10 flat 3 negative occupy absolute advantage. But when narrowed to 5 games, you will find that Atletico Madrid in a 2-3 record unbeaten run, two games were WINS. Two against Sparks, 30 meetings altogether there have been 11 red cards, on average less than 3 games there is a man sent off. Cup competition will win a two-legged King's Cup knockout stage taking the subject-object two-round game, the final game winning or losing. Atletico sits at home, the next round will be conducted on January 16, knockout stage will enter into the King's Cup Fortune 8. Real Madrid as the defending champions, win 19 times in history. And Atletico Madrid also won the Kings Cup 10 times

 of which 4 were won after beating Real Madrid in the final. Improved odds commented Atletico's Diego Simeone taking up, rising, but with a star-studded Real Madrid still has quite a bit of popularity gap. Location Upjohn vs strong strength. Atletico Madrid (3) vs Real Madrid (1) fundamentals: the home team 3-2-1, winning at home 4 WINS, 1 draw and 1; the visitors 4-0 draws and 2 defeats, playing lose, away 5-0-1 record of 3 WINS, 4 draws and 3 defeats, match, Real Madrid 5 consecutive wins, Atletico Madrid winning streak. Comment: two-round format, is not a winning or losing. Yoko, track record.Confidence: undoubtedly, the popularity of the visiting team dominated. Past performance and current situation, Master Sheng has plenty of fantasy. Real Madrid's recent ending winning streak, trailing also there are obvious dangers in confidence slightly against it. Draw scruples, but notability is not too high. Distribution of betting: visitors ' popularity is high, slightly larger distribution. Second primary WINS, tied for the most time. But on the whole doctrine of the mean (winning flat and no obvious tendency). Profile: early pay 3.25 3.40 2.05, pay down, pay jacked up, overshadowing real adds a little confidence of wavering confidence. Atletico was worth a blog's primary win, but returns in General, favor reduced. Atletico would hopefully grab points.


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