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Exposing the three-point contest adding new members:
« on: February 06, 2015, 12:56:37 AM »

Exposing the three-point contest adding new members: James Harden! this fantastic list, according to the Houston Chronicle  nike flyknit air max       reported that the NBA all-star three-point shooting contest of this year's competition is intense enough, according to the latest information received, masters, Houston Rockets star, currently averaging 27 points temporarily alliances first James Harden will also participate in this year's three-point contest. The Houston Chronicle's senior rocket Jonathan Fagan said, according to two people familiar with the matter confirmed, Haddon has been invited to participate in this year's all-star three-point shooting contest, the news will be officially announced tonight, local time.

 Recently, Haddon said in an interview he wants to participate in the three-point contest, and said: "I had to throw more accurately. "This season, harden shot 38.7%, it's highest since he joined the rockets. In the past 10 games, and his three-point shooting is as high as 47%. In December last year and January this year, harden was named player of the month, and became Houston's first player to do that in the history. "I now have bowled at training at night and practiced shooting. air max thea     "Haddon said in an interview today," this is a practice. It cannot be stopped. I really enjoyed the process and hone. It inspires me, and keep me in every game with momentum. And the night before the bulls game, where I trained. Tonight, I'll probably come here again. The most important thing is confidence. If you are confident on the Court, anything can happen. "In addition to other than Haddon, had already confirmed for this year's three-point shooting contest to the six other players are: Golden State Warriors" water brother "Stephen Courie

 and Clay Thompson, Portland Trail Blazers, Wesley Matthews, Atlanta Hawks-Kyle-Kyle Korver, JJ-Riddick of the Los Angeles Clippers and Cleveland Cavaliers-Owen Carey. George exposes have 3V3 training calls off comeback against LBJ,According to the Indiana Star reported recently, Pacers President Larry Bird said he hoped Paul-George would return in the season. Although George did not determine if this goal can be achieved, but he hopes his March 1 can participate in full training. "Under ideal conditions, (March) is a good point in time, I hope to be playing again. Obviously, I have a long way to go before this goal. "In today's interview, George said," to achieve this goal, I must also complete a number of steps, but I'm looking forward to in March when to come back. "In early August, George in the United States men's basketball team's unfortunate injury in a squad training session. At first, expected he would be out for the 2014-15 season. However, continue to make progress with the restoration of George, Walker's management about the possibility of his comeback this season to become optimistic again. Although George and now not sure whether I can come back this season, but he acknowledged in an interview, if walkers eventually into the playoffs, so he will be more eager to come back. "I think that if I joined a great team, we're sure to have enough firepower to make some noise in the playoffs. "He said. Even though Pacers coach Frank Vogel does not know George will be able to participate in full training, but George and played a joke on boss, he even called himself has done on Saturday, Knight games and defending LeBron James ready. Vogel's response was: "are there any time limits? 35 seconds. "According to George said, he was able to attend half 3V3Training, but has yet to reach full Court 5V5 and countermeasures training phase. "I don't want to comeback too early, because I am afraid that in case of injury. I want to wait until the injury has fully recovered after back. "George said he trained mainly including oval track bike and train less running. Once able to participate in full training and he hoped that within two weeks the body back to match fitness.


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