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Exposed Liverpool to fired coach Gerard
« on: December 15, 2014, 01:32:37 AM »
Exposed Liverpool to fired coach Gerard at the helm again asked Germany Café.Not knows from when up, "Rogers class" this a pushed special account, has quietly between was group extreme of Liverpool fans were registered up, and slowly of increasingly by concern,  adidas rose 773 2 for sale     Champions League group game shame sex of out, Premier League in the and always in Middle District wandering, got a League Qian four of places qualify Xia season of Champions League several into expect--this is Shang season Premier League of runner-up Liverpool, its fall speed so of fast, probably is who also no thought of. At Old Trafford is also on this piece of grasslands, from 3-0 sweep Manchester United, cheap nike foamposites    tortured by United 0-3 slaughtered today, Rogers, the team fall from the cloud of the abyss took only half a year's time, between, six gap: don't just because missing Suarez?

Answers apparently is denied of, this year summer Liverpool although to 75 million pounds of heavily sold has team in the of top star Suarez, but they more is nike barkley posite max for sale     spent 94 million pounds wantonly introduction aid, just, regardless of is 20 million pounds of markovich, and 25 million pounds of Lalana, also is 20 million pounds of Lovren, and 16 million pounds of Balotelli, also or Moreno, and manjilue, role players, are no in reds team in the played out due of role, also or said, They have simply not good enough for Liverpool Football Club as they spend a lot of money.Reality always so of cruel, Shang season Liverpool team of hero, even was dubbed "small melon handsome" of name of Rogers, now really real are feel to has class of crisis, British media mirror reported revealed, part extreme of Liverpool fans even has intends to hired a frame aircraft hanging "Rogers class" of slogans, in a times Liverpool home game of when flew Anfield of over

 not only so, actually on even Rogers I, also are has for himself of jobs worries up: "I can no so arrogance, I would not say that whenever I would sit in my post, but I have good contact with the boss, you know, when I first season at Liverpool, our situation at that time than it is now worse. "Before the game, referring to his position when head coach Rogers has said. Today, Liverpool scores a landslide for many reasons, nike lebron 11 discount    such as lack of signings, stupid move think-tank; for example, last year was the single combat, and pressure of the Champions League this year; for example, injury to striker Daniel Sturridge ... ... Liverpool today's slump, coach Rogers should not be held solely responsible, but also ultimately to blame. On to this field game for cases, whim discharge has Glenn-Johnson, and Lovren and Skrtel composition of three Defender tactical, cheap nike kd 5 for sale     does not to United brings does of plagued, and formation most front unexpectedly also no placement a put knife, "no front array" in the just put Stirling and kudiniao top in has most front, until last big score behind of Shi, only up sent Shang a name striker (Balotelli), to impact other of Defense. After the game, the winner was the daily mail gave Rogers ranked lowest 4Minutes, was "made a big mistake! "While his rival, Louis van Gaal, straight scored a game-high 9 points, showing both win for tactical battles. "This team at the moment, if the situation is not improved, then Rogers is bound to pay the price! If the team play this up, then in addition to the coaching change they could find no other way out, half the League is still to come, but have been blind to the top four hopes. You'll be wondering where the future of this team? "The field" double red "before the war, Liverpool legend Steve Nicol outspoken about the team. Disclosures from the daily mail, at present within the Club there is still powerful voice of Rogers, Rodgers think they deserve top Liverpool gave him half a year's time, until the end of the season to stay after the verdict. While the mirror view, given Rogers a few months ago signed a contract extension with Liverpool, United States owner John Henry can't be in the middle of the season to fire off Rogers. But the daily mail also gives another argument, then Hodgson did not survive the winter, January 2011 he was middle class, before Kenny Dalglish's appointment.


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