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enthusiasts related to issues such as how
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focus on product design, the comfort level of the product, more practical is excellence. Brand development, is also     air jordan 12 taxi  derived from that focus, and Seiko's ' originality ' spirit. "He explained:" CAN ? TORP top ten years of rapid development have been talked about by industry. Write the legends of the industry's leading brands, we hope to share more success with an open mind, and through the sharing of forms, called on more people to join the ranks of outdoor sports, experience the air jordan 5 elephant print  outdoors lifestyle is all about. ”Time gallery representation "Potter decade" the legends courseFor ten years, as "pan out" concepts of initiator, CAN ? TORP top has always been committed to advocating casual outdoor lifestyle, for the general public to provide quality outdoor products and equipment, comfortable, casual, outdoorsy people contributed to the popularization of tremendous

power. And focusing on product quality and process innovation and perseverance, and CAN ? TORP is willing to top has  air jordan 6 cigar  created countless classics.In this "Potter for ten years" time Gallery, CAN ? TORP carefully the mentality of brand development for ten years, major events and the ultimate pursuit of continuous production process, through pictures, video, and physical all-round display, let the audience experience the brand of brilliance for ten years.Ten years of rapid development, air jordan 1 wings for the future  the product's focus and the pursuit, as well as the profound cultural accumulation of the strong brand power savings by, CAN ? TORP is willing to top "Potter decade" confusion between the thematic pavilions has been concentrated, powerful release.National team "GA" face-to-face communication28th field activities, CAN ? TORP is willing to top brand spokesperson –

were also invited to the Chinese national team in person to help out, on-site outdoor climbing professional exchanges with the audience share as well as mountain rescue. Meanwhile, there will also be a lot of fun audience interaction, CAN ? TORP top official also arrived at the scene of outdoor enthusiasts have prepared thousands of gifts.National team captain Wang yongfeng, senior coach of Roshan, Vice Captain fell, as the representatives of members of the national team, wearing CAN ? TORP top custom-made outdoor apparel, engaged in "Potter decade" thematic pavilions live interaction.The scene, Captain Wang yongfeng, outdoor sports enthusiasts related to issues such as how to choose the right equipment to do the instruction. Also shared some inspiring stories. For example, in 2008, the national team CAN ? TORP is willing to carry Olympic torch Mount Pearl top
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