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Durant, 6th consecutive absence had quit the national
« on: December 29, 2014, 01:46:28 AM »

Durant, 6th consecutive absence had quit the national team it is helpless, Thunder coach Scott Brooks announced today that they lost star Kevin Durant will be out on the road and the Dallas Mavericks game, and this will be KD remains absent for the 6th game because of ankle injury.  nike air max skyline dam      Durant was on December 19, accidentally sprained his right ankle in the game against the Golden State Warriors. In that game, the new regular-season MVP has scored 30 points in the first half. So far this season, Durant is averaging 22.4 points, 5 rebounds and 3.6 assists per game. Ever since after that ankle sprains, KD out injured so far, including a Christmas with the defending champion San Antonio Spurs. Before the nike air max ltd sverige     start of the game, Durant had said in an interview: "I am not playing, I can't run, can't cut, you cannot jump. "In addition, at that time did not know when he could come back. Yesterday, sources said

 Durant today and is expected to make a return for the Mavericks, but due to injury and did not return to its ideal State, Thunder team finally decided to let him continue the truce. According to a reporter for the Oklahoma man Darnell-Mei Beili revealed that Thunder team this morning after the shoot ended, nike air max online    Durant's right ankle while wearing the protective device consisting of a mixed material (the bottom is made of plastic). "I've never seen him wearing this thing. "Mei Beili wrote on Twitter. This season, Durant successive injuries, during training camp, he was diagnosed with extension v bone fracture in his right foot and underwent surgery and missed the game for up to 6 weeks. Results returned not long after, he again suffered an ankle injury. First 7 years career, Durant missed 14 games only. So far this season, he missed 22 games because of injury. Which makes one wonder: Granville less sidelined last season during that time, led the pressure on Durant's body alone has caused too much pressure? This summer, had promised on behalf of United States men's basketball team preparing for the  billiga nike air max     World Championships, he eventually because "physically" reasons to quit international football. Addu sidelined this time, and less responsibility provoked the Oklahoma City attack, and he has scored at least 29 points in 6 games in a row, but this time the infield were able to cut down 32.7 points.

Piers: shocked Rondo from the green army in a flotilla of 15 years was difficult.According to the Boston Sentinel newspaper, the wizards last home win over the visiting Celtics. On former team-mate Jean-Rondo to be traded, a Paul Pierce were pretty shocking. "I do feel a bit surprised, especially since transactions often occur at the verge of the all-star or all-star game later on. "Pierce said in an interview," is not much trading occurred in mid-December. As you know, the team is trying to make progress at this time. "In recent years, nike air max 2013 herr     gradual adjustments to the lineup of the Celts, 08 championship squad of players have left, Rondo was the last one, his departure also means the Celtics thoroughly reconstructed. "We have a chance to talk. "Pearce said, had been in contact between him and his former teammates," we basically SMS chatting in small groups every week, he noted that the Celtics current situation. Celts or moving in this direction, that is built around his team, or continue to develop young players. So I think Rondo understands this. "But when that Londo was the Celtics deal, Pierce was shocked. "Of course I was shocked, because I think they might be next summer for him (Rondo) find the right player. But he had a great trip to Boston. As long as he was happy, this is the most important. "Pearce added."Danny (Angie) and VIC-Groesbeck (Boston), they must be from a business point of view to make a decision. You know, they'll say: ' what do we stay here long, but it cannot be formed around him a competitive lineup? Or just to rebuild around existing young players? ' As the General Manager and owner, when they are in such an environment, it's going to be a tough decision. "Since after Rondo was traded, Celtic 08 Championship lineup of core members have expressed views on this, Kevin Garnett said he was" slightly surprised ", and Perkins said Rondo" originally wanted to leave Boston, but he would not say. " Pierce added that in this day and age, he does not expect any of the players to be able to stay in the same team for more than 15 years.


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