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Curry: and Walter's dunk wanted to confront
« on: February 05, 2015, 12:30:33 AM »

Curry: and Walter's dunk wanted to confront weaknesses bodebi three points.Stephen Curry has always been a shining star, but this season he has to raise his game performance to a new level, becoming a star in a star. On the upcoming all-Star weekend, he can not only participate as West starting the race, will also join the ranks of elite archers together, competing for three-point shot contest champions.  nike free 3.0     In recent days, Currie interview, talks about why I made big strides this season, as well as some related issues of all-Star weekend. "Last summer, I with the United States national team players in the intense competition to gain valuable experience. "Currie first talked about his off-season grew," it is not just training camp, but with my teammates and even the best players in the world competed. My role is totally different in the national team, so defensively I was faced with greater challenges, to be a wing Defender, it helped me a lot, and apply it instead to a Braves game. "" When you play in summer, you will soon find the pace and form, will be continuing into the regular-season game, which caused me to some extent leap-forward progress of the beginning of the season. "Currie added. During this year's all-Star weekend, Currie and main Eastern Star team charged Wei Yuehan-Walter for a "H-O-R-S-E" fancy shooting competitions, when a reporter asked whether in some kind of shooting when there is a weakness in the way

 he also gives the answer."My Kryptonite (meaning weakness) probably dunk. If he rises and want a swift pull, and I must follow suit, but this is usually not a part of what I'm good at. "The Treasury said," I probably can do it too, but had to go through the full stretch. I think compared to John (WAL), I had the advantage may lie in the range, so we'll just wait and see. "In addition, Currie also talks about how to prepare for the Freestyle contest and three-point shooting contest, every now and then and said he and coach Steve Cole vs:" coach Cole and I had a lot of meetings, nike free 4.0      almost every time before training started with his free throws. It's fun, although just a small game, but simulates the pressure and confidence promoted during the games go a long way. For the three-point shooting contest, I probably would take one or two days in advance before going to New York to do some exercises. Aside from that, you have to do is try to maintain confidence after the play. My daily training throughout the season to help me prepare. "When reporters asked Courie peacetime training the vote one of the most amazing shots of what was, his answer was a very long distance shots hit:" when we do the training when you stretch before you start, I usually try and after some shots. I will take the form of single-handed shots

 hit rate is indeed low, but I shot once, away from the end (the basket) 100 foot shots outside. Everybody was mad, because every time I cast from 100 feet away but then threw the ball usually can't reach them except for the nets, it could hardly have more of God.Pressed by reporters whether Currie tried a similar shot in the game, but does not immediately change out of timeouts by coach. Currie replied: "until just before the final whistle to get rebounds, make sure the ball before time finish, then get a catapult shot, a chance. But to meet the opportunities have to be very lucky to just go. "The reporter then throws a whimsical question:" do you think a coach should be allowed to participate in various skill competitions during all-Star weekend? "Currie replied:" it is a good idea, I don't know why no one thought of before. If the coach himself, and perhaps they can be used as three-point shooting contest, or alternate contestant of the skills challenge. I wonder who will participate in the Slam Dunk contest, but trainer Cole could try three-point shooting contest. I knew he had won while playing, so it is experienced. "Finally, reporter gives his list of fantasy squad for three-point shooting contest in the eyes. His answer was: "Larry Bird, and Reggie Miller, and candidates--my dad, let him come. He had raced twice while playing experience, it is that he is very good at the field. ”


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