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Coach Zhan Huang pushing?
« on: January 15, 2015, 12:13:00 AM »

Coach Zhan Huang pushing? Blatter: he just didn't want me t.Everyone, this word is used in the current Knight inappropriate. Sun lost after suffering a six-game  victoria secret online  losing streak away from home, LeBron James game for coach David Blatter's a slight push, causing United States fans widely speculated in the media, the party explained after the game, just don't want to get a technical foul. James pushed the Manager? James pushed the Manager? "He push me just wants to stop me from eating t," Blatter explained after the game. Things happen in the second quarter, when referee James fouled, Blatter before the referee refereed comments after this post

 he is even more anger out, cursing and rushed to the referee. See the referee will blow t, James quickly walked over and pushed aside Blatter, again with the referee. Blatter was dodging a t, but as James was slightly too large, this picture of the intercepted down, spread quickly through social media, the title is "LeBron pushed Blatter." This action can cause so much concern, with four years ago, the big three's first hit the shoulder has something of the season, Miami record low at that time, James during a timeout back to the bench when "hit" the head coach Erik Spoelstra

 media as a head, up the generals not news. As an "ordinary", James naturally does not want the media to enlarge the matter, he explained after the game. "Blatter is unhappy about a foul, but I was afraid he would have got a technical foul, so I wanted to let him out of there," James said. After the loss to the Suns, Miami 19 record 20Negative, once again fall below 50%. Their next game will challenge the Lakers, many United States journalists believe that, if we lose, Blatter really class.


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