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City of iniquity! 1th embarrassing days Chelsea
« on: December 29, 2014, 01:41:03 AM »

City of iniquity! 1th embarrassing days Chelsea Mu Shuaizhuan nu for 9 years, and,After this round, fading of the war proclaimed the first 19 rounds in the Premier League. After the first half, just one defeat so far this season in all competitions (1-2 loss to Newcastle in the Premier League) nike air max 90 dam     Chelsea at the top, while the low open high Manchester City 3 points came in second place. Premier League title battle at the outset of the second half has not had so great is intense, yet such scenes could have been more lively ... ... Chelsea this round of Premier to than Manchester City early began near a hours, this also let Manchester City people how much occupy has must of psychological advantage, after all in ahead of informed has Blues accident was Southampton 1-1 forced flat Hou, he Shi has home 2-0 leading underdog Burnley entered nike air max 90 rea    midfielder rest of Manchester City upper and lower must will good grasp gift opportunity, towards to victory to for 2014 painting Shang period, together help himself tight Chase Mourinho of Chelsea

thus further consolidation points list times seats location of opportunities, 1-point put strong pressure on Chelsea, champions only "one step away". However, this scenario ultimately did not do so, and the tide in the current round of draws in the Premier League, Manchester City are also "go with the flow" as the harvest draw. You know, the top 7 teams in the Premier League, Arsenal win this round alone. nike air max 2013 herr    2-2 draw by Burnley Manchester city suffered since October 2009 2-2 draw with Fulham, for the first time in the lead 2 goals or more than 2 goals in home League failed to win a great shame. This was the first time Manchester City almost 9 years in lead was 2 cases being the opponent equalized. Does not get the Chelsea "doze" opportunities for catching up, of which there are 48Hours cause fatigue from two Premier League, nike air max skyline dam    but more for the players own attitude of complacency. After the game, coach Manuel Pellegrini said: "after 2-0 lead, we once thought that the game has the cards, but as the final whistle before, it is not the end of the game. "Reviews in the daily mirror believes visitors Burnley in Al Ittihad make sleepy stunned Manchester City

while the Daily Telegraph is this collapse of Manchester City at home to their League title race was overshadowed. Could have let be a heaven-sent opportunity to narrow the gap between Manchester City and Chelsea, but Manchester City don't live up to expectations. For Chelsea, Mourinho was angry for the joy, is that God even in helping Mourinho. You know, in the post-match news conference at Chelsea, while Manchester City's game is not the end, but Mourinho has spent in answering questions in the "we just ahead of Manchester City 1" argument, meaning that even Jose Mourinho, Manchester City this round win is legitimate thing to do. Angrily blasted the referee after the game, but also because the referee did not award the Blues ' penalty kick led to Chelsea drop points and shouted: nike air max tn sverige     "I think it's clear, now the result looks like a campaign against Chelsea. "But had never expected that Manchester City this initiative to" give up ", 2 minutes, such a result makes Portugal people angry for the joy, can be happy looking at the same Manchester City spent the end of the 3 minutes gap. Perhaps one day, Manchester City one would lose 2Pay a heavy price. It is a bit reminiscent of last season's title race heating up period, Manchester City away to Liverpool. At that time, as long as the Manchester City away smoothly won the Liverpool, then blue moon will firmly stand out from the reds and blues of double-teaming, and riding pull closer to the championship run. But never think, team spirit and Kompany played big mistake, 2-3 defeated Manchester City at Anfield, thus losing the title a great opportunity. Then they draw again and Sunderland, which suffered two rounds in a tournament winless, just 3 days lost key within 5 minutes, was proclaimed almost absent from this season's League title and complete them. If no Mourinho led Chelsea to win anfeierdefeie fair play Liverpool, Manchester City even if there is a miracle of skill, wants to win the Premier League title last season as almost impossible difficulties. However, there will be like Chelsea and champions this season and is not directly involved, but at the last minute to play "Lei Feng" role, helped Manchester City's title role, right? I'm afraid that even Manchester City who dared, and the death wheel myself losing 2 points they already have their disadvantage in the title race but it is the truth.


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