Author Topic: Choose the footwear for the elderly how to avoid "leading killer.  (Read 229 times)

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Choose the footwear for the elderly how to avoid "leading killer." patients with cardio-cerebral-vascular: this class of patients with cardio-cerebral blood supply insufficient oxygen supply often worla dizziness  nike air max wright deutschland    or headache right now like, prone body balance disorders, resulting in "falling" accidentally trip over them,

are prone to stroke and myocardial infarction, life-threatening. Osteoporosis in the elderly: older declining physiological causes muscle and joint dysfunction, prone to cause falters, lower extremity weakness nike air max herren günstig     caused by the "fall" injuries. Older people residing in the city: life under the ornate marble nike air max bw damen   flooring or tile, looks beautiful but do not prevent slipping, elderly people "fall" is the culprit. Elderly with low blood pressure or low blood sugar: this type of symptoms in patients with low blood pressure or low blood sugar,

due to body weight loss of balance caused "severe fall". nike air max skyline damen      fear of falling, fear of pain, fear of wear is older people often encounter three major problems with his shoes on bone and joint degeneration can occur in the elderly, causing cartilage calcification, nike air max tn kaufen      old shoes can not achieve the effect of non-professional, easy to cause damage to the joints. Furthermore, the elderly General leg deformation, deformation of the feet are suffering with every step on the way, without a proper pair of shoes, walking for the elderly will be more painful.


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