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Choo revenues of 299 million pounds
« on: April 02, 2015, 06:06:43 PM »
 for October in Italy stock exchange of Italy beauty product OEM manufacturer Intercos SpA intercos also urgent     air jordan 11 green snakeskin  to abandon the flotation plans, to United States private equity firm Catterton Partners to sell 43% shares.Industry analysts generally agreed that the luxury market's environment so that ordinary investors confidence in the luxury brand new stock fell sharply, invest cautiously. Industry insiders said 2015 luxury IPO plans will continue to decline, compared with the public cheap air jordan 3 bright crimson  offering financing, private equity fund equity capital injections as well as advanced management experience and a variety of value-added services, expanding the purchases or sales channel, which is currently sluggish, out of popular favor with investors for luxury brands will be more attractive and feasible. Plus footwear from desktop and enterprise news recently: in 2014, the company's

exports steadily increased exports for all kinds of shoes 5.9 million pairs, worth 175 million dollars of imports,   air jordan 14 vibrant yellow  contributed to strongly push forward the Huangshi city, Hubei Province yangxin County footwear industry.Plus shoe covers more than 800 acres, with more than 30 workshops and employs tens of thousands of people. The company's footwear export to more than 40 countries and regions, more than half of exports to the United States, and Germany   air jordan 6 black infrared  and Japan, shoe imports accounted for nearly 50%.The Executive Manager of the company Yang Shu satin confidently told reporters in 2015 is expected to produce finished shoes plan target of 7 million pairs, representing a growth of 19%.County of yangxin County, an employee, the company attracts employees employment closer to home, salary 2300 Yuan per capita, the company also paid "five insurance payments",

 responsible for car Shuttle employees to and from work every day. Yangxin County, the company has not only solved the employment problem, also contributed to the footwear industry to flourish, Yellowstone air jordan 5 tropical teal  shoe focusing effect more obvious. In October last year after a successful IPO, United Kingdom high-end shoe brand Jimmy Choo yesterday reported its first earnings, reported Jimmy Choo income growth is strong, and in fiscal year 2014, Jimmy Choo revenues of 299 million pounds, from 2013 rising to 282 million pounds 6.2%, in winter in the luxury goods industry has achieved high growth which will undoubtedly give investors injected a shot.Luxury brand JIMMY CHOOJimmy Choo said that since the Chinese Government has gradually strengthened anti-corruption campaign since investors have been worried for the luxury goods


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