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Chelsea six months ago ghost Mourinho
« on: December 29, 2014, 01:51:59 AM »
Chelsea six months ago ghost Mourinho the most powerful move where? visit Southampton St Mary's Park, Chelsea met hard stubble. Home team scored once in 17 minutes of the game will be the Blues into the wall. Thanks to Adjara's first-half injury-time goal, Chelsea to take away 1 point. Due to this Chelsea game about 1 hour earlier than most teams, so until 1 hour after the game was over, Mourinho hanging relieved: mens nike free 5.0 v4     Manchester City lead 2 goals in home's excellent situation turned out to be in the draw with Burnley in the relegation zone, 3 points clear of Chelsea in the standings to escape the danger of being eroded. In fact, throughout the game, Mourinho's side has dominated the field advantage. The first half, Chelsea possession reached 57.3%, half of the start of the second half when Blues this is closer to the 70%, possession  cheap nike free run 3 womens    of the final game, Chelsea made up 60.8%. In terms of the number of passes, 570 times for Chelsea, while the home team only 378 times; in the passes on, Chelsea's 78 86.3% better than rivals.0%. However

if not Adjara in first-half injury time goal, Chelsea in the first half turned out to be an embarrassing shots of zero. Such a situation, a reminder of the second half of last season's games: Home 0-0 flat 1-1 flat to West Bromwich Albion, West Ham and away to Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, nike air thera mens     away 0-1 away 0-1 1-2 home 0-0 Norwich, Sunderland, home. Chelsea were playing lively in attack is true, only blossom does not result in the truth may lie there, eventually led to Team Championship road crash last season. Where is the problem? Jose Mourinho's side missing two words: efficiency. In today's game, for example, despite the possession of more than 60%, but the real solution to the problem, is that Adjara. I have to say, the home team's defense really well-trained, muliniaoben can say "we got 1 instead of losing by 2 points" in that case, but he said it was "sometimes shot in the goal does not best reflect the game", but it is only a word of comfort. nike air thera buy    Attacking inefficient, at left back Felipe-Louis who reflect the most typical. This game, Peja could say Phillips is a data junkie. Game ball 74 times, tied with the Matic game first, but his ball has reached 103 times, high ranked first in the audience, more even than Fabregas 3 times. In addition, the number of his campaign biography up-7Times, as most of the audience, but placement is good crosses

 but not once. This weekend, Perry Phillips finally got a chance to start and play a full game in the League, but not positive characteristic. I am afraid it is not difficult to understand, as a runner-up regular Champions League and Brazil national team Felipe of the main current, why should give way to either value or name must be less than your own AZP. Mourinho is famous for the counter-attack tactics, the most fastidious is offensive efficiency, nike free tr fit 3 online      which is Mourinho attracts the Kings over the years. The Blues began the season once was quite nice, 6-3 Everton 4-0 Swansea, and Aston Villa, and 2-0 arsenal match, Jose Mourinho's side have shown very good offensive efficiency. Manchester duo the two war game, Chelsea have also achieved good results with fewer shots, at least ensure that the away goal, and didn't lose. But obviously Chelsea didn't show it tonight. Chelsea beat Manchester City in the table now ranked first, both sides scoring 41, tied for first in the Premier League, but Chelsea's total number of shooting less than Manchester City 11 times, shot 8 times more positive than Manchester City, points to beat Manchester City, which played no small role in offensive efficiency. Fatigue of taking into account the recent race, Chelsea's offensive efficiency decline probably also reasonable, but if you want to avoid crash tragedy again last season, Jose Mourinho's side need to find efficiencies.


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