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Chelsea added Ronaldo Nirvana next
« on: December 15, 2014, 01:24:22 AM »
Chelsea added Ronaldo Nirvana next superstar Lionel Messi is him? Chelsea vs Hull City, visitors have never won at Stamford Bridge in the history. While in the League (including the premiership and the League, Football League two), hull 16 encounter at Stamford Bridge the 3 draws and 13 defeats. If the Blues win today in reason, Adjara's opener gave the people some nice surprises. The 7th minute, Mikel circle after cutting the ball to Matic, the latter after advancing the ball to the left of the Oscars, Oscar capitalizing on opportunity,  buy nike huarache free 2012    put the ball into the box, point flattery to Adjara after his leaping, one powerful header beat Hull City goalkeeper McGREGOR will do nothing, Chelsea the lead 1-0. Adjara's goal was a rare headed in his possession. After the game, Azar said in an interview: "I came here first season into a head, this is my second, sometimes I can be with the first goal, it feels very good to me. "Feel good, Mourinho then quipped:"  nike free run 3 womens     when I see Ajaria appears in the box when I'm not at all surprised, unexpectedly saw him beat in the header. He jumps high

 but usually he will shut his eyes, this is a very nice goal. "Technology has been less than tip-top Adjara at the foot, in front of goal headed the roster there was at long last, is much more adept at dribbling Messi and Ronaldo's header qiangdian stunt, Belgium took a further step towards a comprehensive. Chelsea's second goal, also for Adjara a credit. The 68thMinutes, Ivanovic right back heel pass, Azar, nike free 5.0 v4 for sale     caught the ball and sent a pass in the penalty area, Diego Costa, take advantage of shooting, although he did not play, the ball was too much power, but slowly rolled into the bottom left corner of the goal. Pass a shot, Azar, deliver a good outcome. A full match, Azar, in addition to other than Chelsea have contributed a goal and an assist, his numbers are equally impressive. He created 3 chances for his team, team the most. Another first is a ball and two passes, is 82 and 65 respectively. Change in the past, these two first usually belong to Fabregas.  new nike free powerlines    Today, in the case of smaller fin accumulated yellow card suspensions, Adjara took these two leaders, shows he's active, and his teammates confidence in him. After the game, the Sky Sports gave him a game-high 8 points

adding that Adjara was staged in the victory of "Star". After the match, Mourinho revealed that Adjara for doing so well in "the secret": "we have reached an agreement: he did not play the game against sporting Lisbon, and I gave him 4 days off, he went somewhere else to enjoy good weather. He told me that he would come back with fresh, you can see it in his steps in his joy. "Just got back, and used a rare grains of Adjara headed to open, as well as a martial arts master, in Adjara's arsenal, there was a new Nirvana. When Adjara where? nike free run ireland    This problem is not known, but speculation is, perhaps, he recently hooked on computer games FIFA15》。 Following the earlier for the game at Stamford Bridge after the winner of the award, Azar, recently made a film of the FIFA15 ad. In the ad, his opponent is Macy's, and both sides used their Chelsea and Barcelona respectively. In two-person play, Adjara in the competition staged a brilliant overhead kick goal, followed by Messi and with one accurate shot with color, and eventually both teams drew 1-1. From the perspective of both inputs look, as if it were the real Champions League finals. In fact, in the real world, Adjara's goal was Messi. Team-mate CESC Fabregas said: "Adjara is Chelsea's midfield and attack link, he is our Messi, his influence on Chelsea as Messi to Barcelona. "While arsenal player Cazorla said:" I like to play with Adjara, he is an outstanding player. I think, if he so wishes, he will be neck and neck with neymar, Cristiano-Ronaldo and Messi. If he can stay on his feet and consistent, that he could make him the world's best talent you have. ”


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