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Chelsea a du dragon on its head
« on: December 27, 2014, 01:17:15 AM »

Chelsea a du dragon on its head when the strongest? No exaggeration! ,Premier holiday ritual, first to play Chelsea beat West Ham 2-0. Blues rivals opening tactic is very clear, that is clinging to fight back. But the end result is West Ham only hang on, no offense. Key to Chelsea stifled opponents, Matic. By virtue of his Super sweep ability in midfield, the opponent's counter-attack attack basically be nipped in the bud.mens nike free 5.0 v4      In this case, Chelsea deserved to win. A scene from the 11th minute that best describes the problem and then hang on for a long time West Ham United finally grabbed the ball at the back, then Flash forward ready to launch a counterattack, at this moment, Matic flying immediately to tackle ball. In this way, West Ham are a great counter-attack, was nipped in the bud. On 61 minutes, like this scene again, Kouyaté took cheap nike free run 3 womens    the ball to attack, under results of Matic immediately went off in the Middle, then he went over to Adjara, Chelsea launched an immediate counter-attack, extended the score to 2-0 the attack helped the Blues

 Chelsea lock sealed victory. This is the Matic, as to his opponent's offensive killed on intangibles, and destroying the opponent's attack and quickly helped the team keep the redirect. Matic produced the perfect answer in the game: caught 69 passes for second on the team, steals 4 times a team first,nike air thera mens     won back the ball beyond goalkeeper team 6 times a second. In addition, Matic also had 1 interception, 2 clear 5 air contend for it. Either from the data or the actual performance level, Matic defensive performance in the Chelsea midfield player of this game is the best.After the match United Kingdom media reports praised Matic. The daily mail game-high 7.While Matic is 5 points, also praised: "the Chelsea defence before the protective case! Almost as busy in the first half, Adrian (West Ham goalkeeper) did as well. "The goal nets also had game-high score of 9 points to Matic, the media evaluation:" whenever and wherever he can do the things I want to do. He was able to appear in the right place, and be able to kill an opponent's attack, Chelsea controlled the tempo. He is the Foundation of Chelsea dominate, the game belonged to him. "Now the matic lets people can't help but think of Claude Makelele, Chelsea Captain John Terry said:" side hardness increased this season, and we won a lot of games last season could be a draw. Makelele was Mourinho a midfield Maestro and Matic's performance has been very close to him air thera buy     ”When Claude Makelele was Mu iron play is based, but do not forget, when his side but he also has a "meat grinder", Frank Lampard, Michael Ballack, Michael Essien and other midfield players have a great defense. By contrast, Matic, he can be a "du Dragon", his midfield partner CESC Fabregas more energy into attacking, William, Oscar back only to assist, as regards Adjara and Xu Erlei, defensively they can almost be ignored. In other words, now the Chelsea midfielder's defensive work

 basic Matic shoulder. From this point of view, Matic characteristics of coverage will be brought into full play. The match and he alone can greatly damage your opponent's offense, described as "Dulong stir." For this reason, former Liverpool manager Graeme Souness with respect, Matic more excellent than nike free tr fit 3 online    makelele.Matic, was won when the first trends in defensive midfield. Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure has match-Matic in coverage and its hardness, but more peishuai to let him assume the offensive burden, if only on the defensive skill, Toure now undoubtedly inferior to a superior. Juve Bidal and pogba, similar to their situation and Kolo Toure. Real Madrid's Sami Khedira is also a strength of excellent defensive midfield, but his season slump severely, now at Real Madrid could only sit on the bench. Barcelona's Sergio Busquets strength is good, but he was unable to compete with the Matic in hardness. Look to the world, only Javier Mascherano in the defensive midfield position, and Matic strive for a first title. But Mascherano is now in Barcelona's constant rotation between the defensive midfielder and centre-back position, so far, he and Matic par. However, from a long-term point of view, Matic are now rising rapidly, he enjoys the world's first defensive midfield in the future, something is almost a done deal.


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