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Chelsea 56,000,002 dragon slayer sword heaven
« on: December 27, 2014, 01:21:44 AM »

Chelsea 56,000,002 dragon slayer sword heaven sword Mourinho threw asideChelsea are at home to West Ham last season, blues drums of opponents failed, we can only accept the draw results. Chelsea now sit on the bridge again against West Ham United after 11 months later, opponents also resorted to the iron formations of defensive tactics, but on 2-0, this time Chelsea won that game at the same time, adidas rose 773 2 for sale         gave his opponent, 0 were to swallow. The same tactics, different results, it is because Chelsea have a "Dragon Sabre" Diego Costa. Chelsea new knives have much cattle? Look at him in this game would become known. On 61 minutes, Costa, in the face of three defenders on the left side of the area, saw Chelsea winger PA at first with his right foot went towards the direction of middle, telling it to lay. After the  cheap nike foamposites    defensive players cheat bias, immediately changed to a straight run into the area Costa rib, then left-footed the ball into the far corner of the goal.

In this way, successfully scoring 1V3 Costa. Rui Costa scored his 13th goal in the Premier League this season (15 games), close to the efficiency of homogenization ball League goals, was top scorer in the Premier League by Costa, ranked second at the same time, also make him England's most fearsome front Blaster. Former England players and coaches Steve Claridge immediately: "Costa scored an amazing goal! nike barkley posite max for sale   "Correspondent Henry winter in the Daily Telegraph, exclaimed:" Costa, begins with the right foot, end with a left-footed shot to score, classy and calm down! "Scoring a wonderful goal in the same time, Costa also pulled off a key assist. The 30thMinutes, Chelsea corner Costa internal forces many defensive players in the penalty area, he just grabbed the ball placement, he immediately went to the front, Captain John Terry's leg touched lightly, the ball then rushed the net. With these goals, Chelsea based smashed off the opponent's bucket array. In the attack, the fulcrum of Costa had shown no doubt. In addition, Costa called let the opponent's back in the game and ate it up. West Ham Defender Collins, who are tormented by their astonishing (Kos Ta eat yellow cards). nike lebron 11 discount   So called one man to one line of Defense, this is not the case?! A full match, Costa first shot and made both goals at the same time, also blasted up to 6 shots (game II), in addition he also creates up to 4 times a threatening ball. It can be said that Costa on the pitch, every time, is threatening the opponent doors. In this game, Costa scored when the fulcrum, but also with Super singles defence capabilities, characteristics, allows us to think of its peak of Didier Drogba. Ends the game

 Mourinho with Didier Drogba replaced, tower when the crowd immediately offered a warm round of applause. At this moment, is more like the blue bridge old and new generations of Feng BA, in conducting baton. 10 years ago, Didier Drogba joined Chelsea for 24 million pounds worth, Costa spent this summer Blues ' 32 million pounds transfer fee. 56 million of the total sum, two front fighter have one thing in common-both are hand-picked by Mourinho bid.For now, Drogba and Costa were the two people in the blue bridge was a nike kd 5 for sale    Their performance, and Chelsea over the past decade in contrast to other forwards, Drogba, Shevchenko, Crespo, Adrian Mutu, Hannecart, Fernando Torres, Costa and others, respectively, pulling shoulders jiggled city village of responsibility at Chelsea. But can be called successful, only the Costa, and Didier Drogba, whom, in view of both of them is Mu Shuaiqin acquisitions, we can't help admiring mad men vision. Although Shevchenko is also in the Mourinho era to join, but his transfer was Abu result of ultra vires. Fernando Torres, Andriy Shevchenko joined Chelsea in the first, undoubtedly is the top gods of football popular front who sprints and using the opponent's back Windows, as well as technical ability is excellent. But Mourinho's heart, he prefers and Costa, this can be used as a lone striker Didier Drogba pivot type front Blaster. Because of this preference, Jose Torres was sent away, and the Veterans ceremony bus used as a second striker, Torres's similar style Remy, now can only act as a third-striker role. If Torres to a dexterous sword leaning on a day, Costa and Didier Drogba is Dragon Sabre. When these two soldiers of God at the same time when placed in front of Jose Mourinho, he certainly would not hesitate to choose to pick up the Dragon Sabre.


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