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Bundesliga table upside down and no sense
« on: February 05, 2015, 07:19:16 PM »

Bundesliga table upside down and no sense of endearingly,Dortmund loses again, also at home, play 10 or 11 situations, they lost to Augsburg 0:1, will be the dark horse opponents into the top four on the one hand, on the other hand himself to go in the top 18 at the bottom of the Bundesliga. converse pro star      This season's Bundesliga, apart from Bayern outshines remain outside this general phenomenon, other teams have undergone upheavals, especially in some supposedly traditional dance troupes in the Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund, Hertha Berlin, Stuttgart, Hamburg, including Bremen, these famous veteran of the team at this year's fall, gathered at the bottom half of the standings of the Bundesliga. Some netizens joked, if the Bundesliga table upside down and actually had little sense of endearingly. Ranking "first" of Dortmund, two years Qian also is killed into Champions League finals of despotic, three years Qian also is Bundesliga and Germany Cup of double champion

 Hertha Berlin, and Stuttgart this two support veteran name Brigade breakdown "Italian designers", and in on "IV" seats of compete for in the, Hamburg to 2 points poor tight bite Freiburg, not distance, had roost Bundesliga of Bremen also on "Qian four" of seats eyeing. Unfortunately, these are the last in rankings. Home after the rematch, Dortmund coach Klopp leads players into a team to apologize to the fans, Roman Weidenfeller and Hummels also approached the fence, the former even climbed the fence, trying to appease the fans emotions.  womens converse all star      Klopp said after the game, Dortmund's goal has been set for relegation this season, such a target, I am afraid, is Dortmund fans before the start of the season it is hard to imagine. However, left to spend more time in Dortmund, just over half its schedule shortly (19 rounds), there are 15Games can be "error correction", not to mention them is not far away from the shore, win a basic will be out of the relegation zone. Now, of course, is the biggest problem the team with momentum, how to break the cycle of win in the Bundesliga and let teams back on track as soon as possible, is the number one problem facing the Klopp. Real Madrid officially announced that j-Lo operation on injured at least sidelined for 2 + months. Real Madrid at the Bernabeu Stadium got the win

 but behind the smiles, bitter, Real Madrid Ramos two senior generals with j-Lo has left because of injury, including Colombia's injury is serious. The 23rd minute, j Lo feeling ran to ringside to receive medical treatment, and eventually he just walk into the locker room, failed to participate in the competition, Hermann Hesse came off the bench. And before his end, he helped Madrid scored a goal. Real Madrid after the game for the first time on j-Lo's injury was diagnosed, was diagnosed with "five metatarsal in his right foot", j Lo will undergo surgery within a few hours. The Aspen newspaper revealed that j-Lo will miss at least 2 months, according to the Aspen daily news, j-Lo for 45 minutes in the hospital, accompanied by his mother and family when j-Lo wheelchair event, unable to walk normally. It is worth mentioning that, negredo suffered similar injuries, missed 4 months. Marcelo 2012 has suffered this kind of injury-hit, was absent for 3 months. Another injured Real Madrid Ramos is expected to Miss two to three weeks, will miss the match with Atletico.


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