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Buffon from stars!, Professor Qian song sweet kiss.
« on: February 05, 2015, 12:28:33 AM »

Buffon from stars!, Professor Qian song sweet kiss. Despite not playing Juventus in the week, but Buffon's exposure, but not low, let a piece of lace message bufengcheng for anecdotal hot focus, while Feng Tongxin lover D '  nike free run 2   Amico to denounce the media, but there seems to be no current role. Prior to the 2000 news broke, Buffon with the beautiful anchor D ' Amico of inseparable love love day and night, as long as their sweet home honey House made no scruple to enjoy rain man of pleasure, which annoyed the neighbors, over complaints they say noise is too large. After a message is exposed, Buffon took over this sweet lover lace Centre, infuriated Buffon lacks professional integrity also lashed out at the media, calling on the media to respect their privacy

but did not use, Italy famous lace magazine who is once again pointing the lens of Buffon, Buffon with a group D ' Amico intimate photo has surfaced. Gigi sweet sweet love love sometimes gently kissing D ' Amico, and sometimes the hair gently brushed D ' Amico, nestled in the Buffon broad chest D ' Amico also face smile, filled with happy look on his face. Most classic moment was not missed by the media, in the white snow,  nike free run 3    and Gigi D'amico seemed to morph in Korean drama actor, affectionate hug, Buffon looking down love, D ' Amico slightly tilt my head and send you a sweet Kiss, really romantic. This moment, seem to relive the classic from the stars in your picture, slender Dou Minjun Buffon incarnation, Belle anchor D ' Amico is his tribute to the thousands of Iraq. Barca Captain position and his girlfriend kissing couples don't imitate.What predator before the Barcelona captain Carles Puyol is also a yoga enthusiast? That's right, and he had been with his girlfriend Vanessa kissing a difficult yoga postures

 and really take a look at make people drunk. Recently, Carles Puyol in social media Instagram Shang upload has two Zhang Yoga training according to, photos in the Carles Puyol and girlfriend w NI Shakespeare practice o Division Tang Jia (yoga of a) in of action, Qian Barcelona captain flat trip in training pad Shang, leg Shang lift supporting up w NI Shakespeare of waist, w NI Shakespeare upper body Hou bent, arm backward pull live feet while bow and Carles Puyol completed has this group difficulty coefficient very high of kissing action. Carles Puyol and model girlfriend Vanessa is 37 years old Yoga enthusiasts, the two men reportedly wedding is just around the corner, this is not the first time they get some yoga postures on social media, starting in 2014 on Instagram Puyol shared both intimate yoga. Evaluation of their media and fans at that time was: "this is an ordinary couple action impossible. ”


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