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Bright coat and long boots superior
« on: February 06, 2015, 07:00:36 PM »
Bright coat and long boots superior temperament does not bump shirt, red woolen cloth coats, winter is very popular, especially the coming new year, put on a festive red does very occasional, shoulder Cape decorated, so this coat is more stylish, matching high heel boots, nike roshe run     show the socialite daughter of temperament. Such combinations can be good match out of Han Faner temperament, very attractive and unique fashion charm. Bright coat and long boots superior temperament don't hit shirts green woolen cloth coat, design of Korean dress style, slim cut, wild look, put a light grey wool dress, matching tights and tall boots, perfect body to match it. Can very well display their charms, gold figure, show you the highest pick the perfect body curves, sexy added to, Oh, temperament is outstanding. Bright coat and long boots superior temperament not grass green hit shirts woolen cloth coat

 very elegant and sophisticated clothes, women over 30 years old to wear this coat will be more sensible temperament. Paired with black high heels long boots, over the knee boots style, more legs. Match a beautiful feeling of youth, well captured the eye of others, instantly upgrade their heads. nike free 5.0     New wearable device talking shoes. Google recently in United States Texas audio and interactive Conference (SXSW) launched a wearable device on-the talking shoes. These shoes are equipped with a computer chip, speakers, accelerometers, gyroscopes and pressure sensors, and so on, when the user activity, it will say different things depending on the situation. Google's head of advertising art Aman·guweier said in an interview: "the talking shoes are our users can connect devices in a network to communicate on a test. "It is reported that this pair Bluetooth module can connect to the Internet, using Google maps provide location and direction information.

 It is understood that these shoes would be able to detect whether the wearer is active, and it will also tell the wearer himself does not like to stay here and not move, for example, if the user wears it sat on a bench in the Park, it might be said, "is so boring!"But if athletes wear shoes like that to a specific game, so his Twitter fans will be able to get his speed in real time data and other information. "You can use to program shoes, making it personalized, it could even turn into a trash-talking heaps gasbag," Gu Weier said. This pair of shoes is Google "art copy and code" the creative part of the project, the project aims to design and develop some of the more cutting-edge marketing and advertising methods. But Google didn't develop for the shoes corresponds to the listing plan. Gu Weier said: "we will not enter the field of footwear, we just wanted to use it to expand our social network and advertising business. "Google is not the first to set foot in the shoe-making high-tech enterprises in the area of Apple in January this year, has announced it is developing a wireless connection with the iPhone or tablet of shoe.


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