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brands of Chase, repositioning
« on: March 25, 2015, 01:31:21 AM »
"7.15" started Feng Ying centuries to build another large garment Festival, aims to provide the buyers with low price and high quality sources.2025367_918768209.jpgAs a big garment wholesale market in   air jordan 4 womens bred   Shenzhen, South of Yau Lai Sau clothing market brings together outstanding original ladies ' resources, garment suppliers and buyers can take what we need here. On one hand, producers can reduce the backlog of inventory, withdrawal of funds, on the other hand, buyers air jordna 11 womens concord  are able to get inexpensive women's clothing. Alibaba search for "Feng Ying century" into the original haute couture platform, primary source, dual 11-come on for you.This activity is based on cooperation with Alibaba industrial belt of 1688, through the integration

of online and offline, the convenience of large merchants and buyers and increase trading volume and turnover.   air jordan 3 black cement Open up another channel for brand women's clothing sales. You know, nanyou Lai Sau clothing wholesale market is not close to railway stations, geographically slightly vulnerable. Through this cooperation with the industrial belt of Alibaba, buyers purchases can be slightly different, cheap jordans free shipping for example, buyers can purchase offline experience online, or can be bought online goods offline, but this convenience, promote the transformation of the traditional industries, accelerating the update frequency of the entire industry.It is reported that Shenzhen women's innovative design ability in domestic lead. This "9.4 stock Festival and double 11 orders" it will definitely be for the majority of the clothing wholesalers and traders brought a sumptuous feast for women! The

 first quarter of 2014, the textile and clothing industry event to 11 cases of mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions reached 223 million dollars the amount, amount exceeds the year 2013. 2013, the high inventories in the apparel industry, causing many unawares in the apparel industry, by adjusting the operation strategy for restructuring and upgrading, the textile and garment industry mergers and acquisitions also contributed to 2014 the scale will show explosive growth.A major feature of the textile and clothing acquisitions are increased mergers and acquisitions between brand and brand, especially for high-end brands of Chase, repositioning and branding superimposed after merger after the new value is particularly important. Merger and reorganization of the apparel industry also contributed to the demand for talent.Network of excellence excellence


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