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Boutique with some identification and characteristics
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Boutique with some identification and characteristics of the sole, Pu, TPR and PVC, rubber and other identification methods. You can identify from the following aspects.  zara knitwear uk      Boutique with some sole recognition method and characteristics 1, most wear-resistant Pu is the lightest of, of course, price is the most expensive, Pu materials are manufactured very well known, very light in the hand, holes are round the back of the sole. 2 the sole flexibility is better than PVC, TPR material, holding sole naturally falling, TPR is if to bounce back up. 3, PVC materials heavier than TPR soles in his hand. PVC material a TPR soles are too expensive but the quality is not good, especially in the winter, it's easy to broken. PVC materials are manufactured with a characteristic that is not injected holes,Smell taste. If stored for a long time President of the white stuff. 4 and tr soles had a shiny surface, harder than TPR soles. TR more holes than TPR injection, injection hole is very special. 5, weight: rubber (rubber) the most, Pu, Eva light. 6, material:

Pu expensive, Eva, TPR moderate, PVC is the cheapest. 7, technology: TPR is already forming, and PVC processing, ABS material for high heels, expensive and hard. 8, application: PVC use in parts of the lining or not to bear the weight of, or making children's shoes Pu leather can be applied to fabric or bear the weight of the parts of the footwear. In terms of bag, applying more PVC leather. This is because the bags of goods different from that put the foot in the shoe, without releasing the heat do not bear weight. Pu, PVC differential: zara shoes uk      the difference between the two materials is easy way from the corners to see the base cloth of Pu to be much thicker than PVC. Handle also has differences, Pu soft and hard PVC handle, or you can use fire to burn and odor of PVC to light a lot of Pu. Winter driving women don't wear snow boots platform shoes sole thickness should not exceed 3 cm in length. Winter driving women don't wear snow boots platform shoes snow boots winter driving Lady Mo platform shoes sole thickness should not exceed 3 cm Police advise sole thickness 3 cm temperature drops, many of the women were put on snow boots to keep warm. Patrol Corps warned that winter driving, wearing snow boots is taboo, the pilot should wear soft bottom flat-bottom shoes, shoe thickness should not exceed 3 cm. Ugg boots between the accelerator and the brake distance, right foot needs to be left between the accelerator and the brake switch, switching process, snow boots easy to get stuck in between the pedals. In addition, thicker soles

 shoes with down, and when the driver stepped on the gas pedal or brake, lack a sense of touch. Accident lurk inadvertently, in order to avoid traffic hazards, human security for themselves and their travel, the driver should avoid driving when wearing snow boots. Driver easy can be driven in cars along a pair of flat shoes. The origin of ugg boots: during World War I, Australia pilot with two pieces of sheepskin into shoes on your feet cold, then gradually became popular locally, has already set off a boom in the world. Platform shoes, platform shoes sole thick, soft, and generally more than 3 cm, this can affect the feet with the sense of touch of the brake pedal and accelerator pedal. If you encounter an emergency situation, when the pedal is apt to slip. Big soles on the front is too wide, easy to slam on the brakes at the same time stepping on the accelerator. Heels heels were too high, not stepping on the brake or clutch; high heel forefoot contact with too little force; too small easy heel stuck in the pedal; space between the heel and forefoot for easier to hang a variety of pedals. Sandals slippers thickness, brake or easy off shoes.


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