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Blade & Soul:Getting started with labyrinth
« on: March 13, 2016, 10:46:31 PM »
Q:I want to get started with labyrinth, I've been putting it off long enough and feel I'm missing out on too much (SS, soul) by not jumping in.
In terms of knowing what to do I did watch some videos (though they were in chinese and played by way over powered players that cleared each room in 5 seconds). So I have a general idea of the physical layout of labyrinth and some limited knowledge of the bosses.(If you want to buy bns gold,welcome to our site.)
I've been putting it off out of respect for other players, not wanting to drag them down with low gear, but now I'm sick of waiting. So with all this, is there any additional info available out there relevant to my situation I should check out before starting?

A:Your equipment's fine (400+ is recommended if you don't know the dungeon/don't play that good, 380+ if you know it really well already). I appreciate that you considered other players and decided to postpone queuing until you had a bit of preparation and adequate gear. Better than most of the 300-370ap retards that queue up expecting to just always get carried.
The dungeon overall is not super complex; most of the mobs and sub-bosses are fairly easy and practically no group should have trouble with them. There are also rooms with platforms that you need to jump and windglide to get to the switch on the other side of the room, which will open the door. At the same time a RED laser will usually activate, and players who have fallen off a platform to the lower area have a few seconds to react (jump or ss), or else it's an instakill on them and they have to be ressed.
1st Boss Minou: he's basically like most of the bosses you've faced thus far, with the exception that he grows tankier as the battle goes on (higher defense and higher regen). Uninterrupted, he will eventually be too tanky to kill and will actually recover more health than your team can deal. The number of red lasers going around indicate how tanky he is (these red lasers don't instakill you, they just deal slightly more dmg than the regular blue lasers). The way to keep his tankiness down is to make him run into a red door (one in the middle of each wall where the room doors normally are) when the prompt comes up. He will usually run in the direction of the aggroed player, but it's also often random so everyone should run to or be aligned with a red door when the prompt comes up.
2nd boss Be Ido: This is where most groups have trouble, but if everyone is using their defensive skills properly not a single player should come even close to dying (not the case in your average f8 group). There's the boss Be Ido in the center, and he spawns 3 FMs around him. Only the boss needs to be killed, the FMs only need to be tanked (it's not worthwhile trying to kill them, as they are practically as tanky as the boss itself). The boss and each of the FMs will have a blue or red shield. Under these shields, they have significantly increased defense so it's not worthwhile to just try to dps that way.
While standing under a shield, you will gain either ice (blue) or fire (red) stacks. These stack up over the course of a few seconds, until they reach 9, flash and disappear for a second, and then the icon is replaced with a 5-second countdown (which also appears over your actual character's head, but can be hard to see, so look at the stacks icon). The goal is to blow up the boss's shield with the opposite colored bomb (blow up red shield with blue bomb, blow up blue shield with red bomb) by being near him with the countdown goes to 0. This will kd him and give your team a few moments to dps him without any damage resistance. 3-4 cycles of this and he's dead. The attacks and abilities going on are your standard mix of autoattacks, aoe, and context-sensitive large aoe attacks.
The bomber(s) and tank(s) can be pretty much synonymous since they'll be standing under a shield while they tank, preferably the opposite color of boss's shield. This fight really boils down to each individual player taking care of their own business, which is why it can be hard in a pug group since a lot of players are just looking to get carried and will just die in the first 30s of the fight even while everything is being tanked for them.
3rd boss Fujin+Raijin
This boss is arguably easier and more straightforward than boss 2, but requires more damage overall which is why a lot of groups get stuck here even after beating boss 2 without an issue. The minimum ap needed if each member of the party is dpsing close to optimally is something like 380, which is why 400+ is recommended for this dungeon.
You will face Fujin first, then Fujin+Raijin. Phase 1 is easy enough, just dps it down. The bosses themselves simply use a series of aoe attacks over and over, dodge/block them and dps the boss, it pretty much just boils down to that. There will also be tornados and sparks moving around the room, which are sort of like the lasers in that they cc and damage you, so just try to avoid them.
The main things to note about the fight is that somewhere in the middle Raijin (the yellow one) will start to spam large red aoe that will require some dodging or i-framing to handle (similar to Hae Mujin in BSH), but ends after about 6 casts, and that the two bosses need to die within 30s of each other, so you can't just focus one down then move to the other; their health totals at the death of the first one should be fairly close to each other. Another thing is that Raijin (the yellow one) moves a lot less than Fujin (the blue one), hence easier for melee and easier to dps in general. For this reason a 2-4 split on yellow blue, with a tank on each, is often optimal. If you have a blade dancer or a destroyer on the team, you can also get them to pull them apart from each other, as they initially spawn fairly close to one another.
As a last tip I would recommend forming a custom party in the Dungeon Lobby, advertising something like 400+ ap only, as most of the groups you will find through auto-find have grossly inadequate stats to finish the dungeon.

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